Am I awesome?

Have you ever ask your self this question?

Have you ever find some people awesome?

What makes somebody awesome?

On my life journey I have met a lot of people who I really find awesome, but also a lot of people who strongly believe that they are but in fact they just exaggerating their talents, thinking that they are being larger, greater, better, than they really is.

One thing is certain that the degree of somebody self-confidence is not a measure of his value.

So right here comes self-knowledge. Because delusions about ourselves are obstacles on our  journey to become awesome. So we have to take responsibility to learn the truth about ourselves. It is necessary to follow some basic steps on the road to self-knowledge.

There is few questions you have to ask your self. Test your self.

  • Where am I standing right now?
  •  What am I doing right now to achieve the success?
  • What am I doing that is Interfere with my dreams?
  • What I have to do to achieve my dreams?
Photo by me Light house
Lefkada island

One good method is just for a moment to recall your failures and to define why they happened to you. Confident people are always aware of their failures. And only those who are aware of their errors and those who learn from them are ready to move on. Person can lose self-confidence for various reasons:

  • Dissatisfaction with her appearance
  • Personal and professional failures
  • Abandonment by a partner or friend
  • Insecurity in oneself and their quality
  • Job loss
  • Because we believe others are better than us

Loss of confidence is the first step in to the world of depression. This  world is driven by fear, insecurity, isolation and pain. One easy way to overcome this situation and is something that we can do it ourselves is the SWOT analysis. Where the S – is for strength, W – for weakness, O – for opportunity and finally T – for threat. Thanks to this simple analysis you can define yourself on the different aspects of your life. Just put on the paper five of your strengths, five things where we are not good enough and that we have to work on this aspect, five external factors from which we can get a stimulus that will help us on the road to success we can find them in the positive people or examples from our environment or  in various institutions for acquiring new knowledge. And on the end five of some obstacles  on the road that drives us to the achievement of our goals.

Photo by me
Kefalonia island

Research says 95% of us are able to become better, other 5% are the sociopath that luck the ability to connect with other people on a fundamental human level. How come only 5%? I can not believe this. On my life journey I’ve met a lot of those, am I a magnet for sociopath or what? We all have met in our lives some of those toxic people who just enjoy to minimize you and it is all about them. This kind of people who makes you feel guilty if you don’t do what they want you to do. People who makes you doubt your own reality. Those sarcastic critics who constantly find the gaps and the disadvantages in your plans. They think that they are better than the others they don’t care about anything beside them selves.

The most important thing that we have to do in this case is just get away from them, get away from the people who turns you down.

And remember the most important no one will believe in you in less you do it your self first.

And yes you are awesome and unique and there is no one else out there like you.

Nature never repeats itself. Just take a look at this olive tree. It has a millions of leafs, but each one is different. Embrace your self, lift your spirit up. Feel good and enjoy every day.

Lefkada, Greece

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