10 steps for success

I always wonder what successful people are doing to succeed. To find out I decide to interview some of them, but also to read about those that I admire. True this blog I will share with you a lot of interesting stories about different successful people from the different fields.

Here is the 10 most important lessons I learned from this research.

1. Successful people are not just interested but they are dedicated and committed to their goals. There is big difference between interest and commitment. For example it is up to you if you are going to spend an hour per day on your business or you decide to spend as much time is needed on your business to  reach your goals.


2.They are persistent . So it is up to you again to decide how much effort you are going to put to reach your goals. It is quite certain that you will encounter obstacles along that journey, because everything can not be planned. This obstacles should make you stronger and wiser just stay persistent.

Photo by me Church of Our Saviour Copenhagen Denmark

3.They are responsible. Successful people never pretend to be victims. They never make excuses.They are aware of their mistakes, they never blame others.Successful people are the tailors of their own success.


4.They work hard. I don’t know anybody that is successful and lazy. If you want to be successful you have to get up early, stay awake until late you have to take advantage of your time. Success does not happen to those who want it but to those who put their time and effort in to their business.

Photo by me Kastoria lake Greece

5.Successful people associate with other successful people. So if you want to become successful associate with those who are all ready successful. If you don’t know anybody like this, then read about them, watch some documentaries on you-tube about them. Attitude and success are contagious, just hang out with the best.

6.They believe in their self and in their vision. Do you believe in your vision? You can be sure that you are able to do anything you want only if you believe in what you do. There is the old saying: The young boy will become a real man if he jump in to the waterhole with mud instead to go around her. So do not be afraid to jump.

Photo by me London United Kingdom

7.They take care about themselves. Successful people know that they need strength and energy to work so hard and that nothing is easy. That’s because they eat healthy food, they exercise, they take care of their appearance.

8.They always find the time to rest to recharge their batteries. Of course, work is the most important thing on the road to success, But it is impossible to work incessantly.


Photo by me
The Netherlands

9.They never stop learning.The fact is that you can become successful even if you don’t have formal education.You can read the books, learn from magazines, visit conferences or just learn from the people who you admire. You can read the blogs, watch tutorials on you-tube, and so on.

10.Successful people learn  from their mistakes.Because of their strong self-confidence they see every mistake as possibility to learn something from that. The most important thing is to never give up. Do not forget to celebrate your success.

Photo by me Leiden The Netherlands

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