Pillow fight Amsterdam


A pillow fight is the game mostly played by children, but also by teens and adults. We all played this game especially when we were kids. Pillows are soft so there is no risk of injuries. As a kid I always enjoy this game with my friends and cousins.

Photo by me Pillow fight Amsterdam The Netherlands

Until one day before few years I saw on face book a post about the pillow fight in the center of Amsterdam. This is how I find out about the movement ”International  Pillow fight day” and how the pillow fighting became part of flash mob culture and start to popping up in the cities around the world. So I decide to attend.  I just went with some friends to the Dam square to see what is all about. We did not take any pillows with us, but some nice people who brings a lot of them decide to share some of their pillows with us so we could participate as well. I can surely say that there were about 1000 people on the Dam square that day. Weather was sunny but windy.

Everyone was holding some pillows in their hands. Most of them was wearing jumpsuits, or pajamas. Waiting for the sign of the whistle. And then the party begin.The heyday of craziness. In such a moments you don’t think about anything, you just enjoy the moment with all your heart. You just let the hidden child in you run free. Believe me it was a amazing experience.

I have never experienced something like this in my life.The feathers flew everywhere, thanks to the windy weather of Amsterdam. People were screaming and laughing at the same time.

The Pillow fights taking place once a year in almost every city of the world in the same time.  If you are about to visit Amsterdam this year I am sorry you we missed it was on 1 of April.

If you wish to participate next year you can check on their web site where you can find out more about this event. Also there is the guide on how to and how to add your city so you can enjoy the pillow fight in your own city if there is not any yet.



If you find this post interesting and you will like to attend here are the rules:


Everyone loves a good pillow fight. So invite lovers, neighbours, kids and your grandma.

Please leave valuables and glasses at home. Wear goggles, dust masks and fluffy outfits.

It’s gotta be soft. If you like birds as much as we love them, then get one that’s feather-free.

Please leave your spare blankets and sleeping bags at the lion statue for the refugees in Calais.

Wait for the countdown. Don’t swing at cameras or at people without a pillow.

Bring rubber gloves and bags. Because we ALWAYS clean up after ourselves.

Photo by me Pillow fight Amsterdam The Netherlands



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