Learn how to lose like a winner

Losing like winner is the skill that belongs to the social skills of adaptation. This skills represents the ability to adapt and behave so that we can successfully deal with the demands and challenges of our every day life. Nobody is born with that skills, we learn them as we grow up as human beings through our own experience.

Photo by me Ithaki island Greece

Nobody don’t like to be or feel like a loser. When you experience that feeling once in your life it is not easy to overcome and come back to the game . Because every defeat is a stroke to our vanity.

Only if we manage to experience a failure as a chance to realize our own mistakes, or circumstances we could not influence, we could be able to move on.

And it doesn’t really matter how many times we fail, the important think is how many times we manage to get up and move on.

Photo by me Skorpios island Greece

Just be brave. Listen, learn, grow. Stay away from negativity, aggression, attacks, and put on the knowledge, your skills and faith in yourself.

Ask yourself the questions: Why I failed? What can I learn from it? What should I do different in the future? It is important to realize that failure is not bad it is just one of our experiences among many others that we have to deal with and move on.

When we learn to adapt to new situations and to changes in our lives, we can reduce the stress that those changes cause us.

Photo by me Lefkada island Greece

One good method  to overcome any failure is to set up new goals. But there is also a good way to predict them. You have to be aware of your surroundings. Sun Cu in the book ”The art of war” said: That the movements between the trees in the forest show us that the enemy is moving, that the dust that raises in the air indicates that the enemy is approaching.

So it is good to be aware what is going on around you. For example, maybe your boss seems distanced lately? Maybe he avoid the eye contact with you lately? Maybe they don’t call you for important meetings lately? Then there is a very good chance that they are going to fire you. Just pick the signals from your surroundings so you can be ready and prepared for any changes.

Photo by me Lefkada island Greece

But the most important thing is to accept changes and move on. Always believe in yourself and your abilities. One failure can not define you as a person. Here is one nice song that cheers  me up every time I am about to fall. I hope you will enjoy this article and this song. Cheers!

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