Muiderslot castle – The Netherlands

Muiderslot castle is worth visiting. So if you are planning a holiday in Amsterdam here is a nice place to visit. It is near of Amsterdam. If you have a car it will take you about 25 minutes, distance is around 23 km. So if you coming from Amsterdam, take the A10 ring road and from there the A1 in the direction of Amersfoort (approx. 15 min). It is best to park your car in the free car parking at the exit of the A1 (Maxisweg), and walk to town from there. Parking in town is €2.40 per hour.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands

You can also rent a bike and pedal, this is the cheapest transport option. From Amsterdam Central Station, it is 16kms to reach Muiden by bike (approx. 1 hr). through Amsterdam’s impeccable bike lanes, from the Flevopark, then take the scenic bridge (Nesciobrug) and pedal for a few kilometers , mostly right along the river and true the park with hundreds of bunnies (Diemerzeedijk / Waterkeringpad).You’ll cross farms, sheep, cows, and a lot of friendly Dutch people. Most of the Dutch cyclists do not have bells on their bikes, so do not be surprised or upset if somebody shout: ”wooooooooo” on you before they pass you by. This is totally normal here. They just want to warn you to get out of their way. They are always in a hurry. You can also see a lot of cyclists texting on their mobile phones, while passing you by, this is normal as well here.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands


You can also reach Muiderslot by the public transport. Muiden does not have a railway station, the closest one is in Weesp, which is easily reached from Amsterdam. From there, you can take bus 110 to Muiden (5 min). Alternatively, you can take buses 320, 322 or 327(Connexxion) from Amsterdam Amstel Station (approx. 30 min), which will stop at the Maxisweg car park.

You can also reach the Muiderslot castle by the boat.  Muiden has its own marina with ample space for passers-by.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands

But if you like to visit the castle with an easy way, with organized private tour and to be transfered there from your hotel with the minivan, then please check the link below with the word Viator. Castle close for visitors at 4:30pm, so try to get in at least an hour before that.

The  Muiderslot medieval castle is is still in good condition. Is built around 1296, restored from 1370 and become National museum since 1878.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands

I am one of those medieval lovers and everything what have to do with medieval history impress me. I find that there’s something mysterious, brutal and spiritual about the medieval era. If you also belong to this category you will find the Muiderslot castle very exciting.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands

The castle was probably built in the last quarter of the 13th century but much of the interior the furniture, utensils and paintings currently  displayed in the castle dates from the 17th century.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands

I am not going to analyze what you can see in the castle. But I can assure you that you will not regret the visit. There is a lot of activities, where you can play, dress up like princess or knight and so on. It is worth visiting and definitely you will have a fun. Just go and discover it yourself. I would recommend it to everybody, although you must be able to climb some stairs if you want to see everything. And don’t forget to explore the astounding garden.

Photo by me Muiderslot castle Muiden The Netherlands

When you finish with Muiderslot exploring I suggest you  walk to the Muiden.  It is a pleasant, small harbour town. There you can enjoy some coffee or tea accompanied with a home-made apple-pie in some of the cafes.

Marina Muiden – google search




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