Gaasperplas lake – Amsterdam Southeast

Gaasperplas is artificial recreational lake. It is very easy to reach by metro 53 (direction Gaasperplas) from Amsterdam central station. The journey takes  approximately 25 minutes. This unique place is the oasis of nature between the buildings of Amsterdam Southeast and the river Gaasp and occupies an area of 166 hectares.The Gaasperplas mainly serves as a recreational area. Water in the lake  is up to 35 meters deep.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands

The main entrance is on Loosdrechtdreef near of the metro station Gaasperlas next to the hotel Campanile. On the Gaasperplas there is a small port of a sailing club, a canoe rental, a windsurf association, an indoor-play area and a plurality of lawns and beaches, both on the north to the south bank, and there is a place for divers to.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands

If you are fun of nudism there is also  nudist area since 2004, located on the north side. Nudism is permitted from 1 May to 1 October. The nudist beach has only sunbathing there is no sand,  with enough shady spots and trees. On the nudist beach there are no facilities.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands


On the other side of the lake is  official swimming area. There you are allowed to swim, sunbathe, picnic, also bring your own barbecue to grill but there is several barbecue places to. This park is  ideal for hiking, biking, horseback riding, water sports and flying kites.There is children water playgrounds to,

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands

This place has a rich flora and fauna. Regarding fauna you can see many different birds, fish, frogs insects, also the grass snakes and bees. If you have a dog you can bring him along, dogs are allowed. There is also a dog beach  a nice gathering place for dog lovers. If you are a jogger this is very nice place to jog. Water in the lake is nice and clean for swimming.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands

Most of the tourists doesn’t know about this paradise of nature. This park is lovely with relaxed atmosphere and it is  not busy as for example the Vondelpark. If you want to enjoy a wonderful day of beautiful weather and not too much noise around you, then this park is more than worth it to visit.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands

In the summer time you can enjoy some festivals at the Gasperpark, like Amsterdam Open Air 2017,  3 – 4 of June, or Guilty Pleasure on July 30, and many more. If you are interested in generally to visit some summer festivals around Amsterdam during your stay ask at the any of  I amsterdam points about the info.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands

Around the lake and in the park there are a lot of nice places to sit, and many small bridges over streams running through the park.There are a lot of parks in Amsterdam, but this one is my favorite. This is  beautiful green place in Amsterdam where you can relax and take a breath while visiting the city.

Photo by me Gaasperplas Amsterdam The Netherlands


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