10 facts about logical thinking

1.To be able to think and act logically first we must be able to express oneself with strong and solid arguments.  How many times have you said something that just didn’t come out the way you wanted it to? Why this is happening to us? It is happening because we are not thinking and acting logically most of the times.

2. Logical thinking implies the ability to be flexible in judging other people. In other words, we should  not condemn other people because they possess characteristics that we do not like.

3.We must be aware of diversity in our environment. Soon we accept the fact that diversity around us exist, we will easily accept the fact that some people will find  difficult  to see the things from our perspective and vice versa. Not everyone is thinking in the same way.

4. We constantly have to work on development of our cognitive skills. They will help us adapt to situations, to realize the seriousness of every situation, and how to deal with any situation.

5. Determination of our own way to think logical and rational will make us able to feel better regarding other people from our surroundings, and the conditions we live or work even if there are not perfect from our point of view.

6. To be able to react logical in different situations, we have to fix the relationship between our own actions and perceptions. We have to be able to play by rules and tactical. And the most important we must have a positive attitude.

7. If we learn to lose like winners and perceive our failures, then we can be able to turn any negative situation in our favor.

8. Team work ability, as well as the ability to manage conflicts, are prerequisites to act logically in certain problems and in life generally.

9. Ability of acceptance and adaptation to changes, are the must when it comes to logical acting and thinking.

10.  We should look at logic as it was melody  we play with the notes that we already know. But  every new note we learn and add to our melody are leading us to composing different, richer and more beautiful melody.


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