Social intelligence, methods of improvement

Social intelligence is the ability to recognize other people feelings also the ability to recognize and interpret hidden intentions of others by marking the signs in their behavior. If you feel stressed when you get in contact with people with who you disagree, you will  be able to overcome this stress only if you develop your social intelligence.

There are so many books about this subject with so many different methods. In this article I will suggest just few of them that I think are the basic and the most important to develop your social intelligence.

1. Always be aware of the circumstances. Don’t forget, people change all the time. There is also possibility that some people doesn’t change, but we never realized who they really were. So important think is to adjust and be aware of different circumstances and changes. George Bernard Shaw, Irish Nobel Prize winner said : ,, The only person that act normal is my tailor. Every time I visit him he is measuring me again. The most of the people uses old measures, thinking that they still fit.” Do you measuring in the same way everything that surrounds you? People are changing as well as the circumstances.

2. Stop trying to form others. Make sure you do not underestimate people for who they are. Make sure that you control your desire to form others to become something that you want them to become. Let them be as they are and they want to be. This is their right and their decision if they want to change or not. Even if you believe that they are wrong. Let them learn themselves from their mistakes. Galileo Galilei said: ”We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves.”

3. Respect others. It is very important to respect someone else’s dignity. Respect people feelings even if this doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them. Dave Willis said: ”Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it, not as a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours.” Show respect to others and other will respect you.

4. Try to avoid the conflicts and provocations. The good way to achieve this is to use your words in the smart way. Try to turn negative sentence into positive. Even the short sentence that most of us are using every day to confirm something:  ”Why not?” will sound a lot of better if we said: ”Of course. I will be pleased to do it.” or ” I will be happy to…”  or just ,, Sure think!”,  you can achieve even better result if the sentence is accompanied with a sincere smile. Try to exercise it every day. If you continue to master this ability you can easily turn bad situations into your own  benefit. Nice term that you can often find helpful is the term: ” I understand…”,  accompanied with nodding, you can use it anytime in any situation.

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