Dimash Kudaibergenov an enchanting singer

Dimash Kudaibergenov is 22 -year old singer from Kazakhstan. He became famous worldwide after his participation in the large music competition in China ”The Singer 2017” in the city of Changsha. This young man has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. I just discovered him few days ago when I searched the ”Diva Dance” song on YouTube. This is the song from the movie ”The fifth Element” which is one of my favorite fiction movies. Somebody mentioned his name in the comments below, then I saw the video of Dimash Kudaibergenov’s ”Diva Dance” performance as a related video. Since I have a basic knowledge of the Russian language in the video description it was written: Dimash Kudaibergenov, a man from an other galaxy! Then I pressed the play button and there he was. You are probably going to get goosebumps as I did when I heard his voice for the first time.

I was amazed with his enchanting voice and talent. He is able to sing in a 4-5 octave range. He is baritone, tenor and soprano at the same time. At the singing competition he ended up in the second place, but this was the perfect vehicle for him to become famous worldwide. People are saying that he has the voice of an angel. I would say that his voice sounds almost unearthly and divine. It looks like he is playing with his voice range through his performances, by mixing the rock and pop music with opera so smoothly.

I have expressed my love for heavy metal music many times in a lot of my articles, but I have never bothered you with music articles, because everyone has the right to listen whatever they like, but it is not nice to bother others with it. That is the reason I have never made music articles until today. But I have to make an exception here.

This blog post doesn’t have to do anything with my personal music preferences, I just want to present a very special and unique artist to you in case you haven’t heard about him yet. I would like to show you how and why I became one of the millions of Dimash’s fans immediately after I heard him for the first time. Take a look this video and see it yourself. It is difficult to describe with words this kind of performances. One thing is certain Dimash Kudaibergenov is an extraordinary performer. The way he sings, the way he looks, the way he is dressed, the way he is moving through this stage and interacting with his audience is simply unique and gorgeous.

He is tall 190cm, very handsome, with great stage presence and captivating personality. During the competition he did not only present his amazing voice talent but his beautiful character as well. He showed to everybody that he has the great values such as: patience, humbleness, openness, good nature, sincerity, generosity, courage and optimism. All of the above makes me want to learn more about him, so I did my research and I am going to share few facts with you.


Dimash Kudaibergenov was born in Aktobe on 24 May 1994. Both of his parents, Kanat and Svetlana  Kudaibergenovich, are renowned and honored artists of Kazahstan Republic.Take a look at the one of their family performances in Kazakhstan.

According to http://kazworld.info/ , where you can find a lot of articles about him I found this information about his career as a musician and singer: ”He started with piano and vocal studies at the age of five. At age of 6, he won the Republic contest “Aynalayin” in the nomination “Piano”. In 2010, he became the winner of I degree at the International Festival “Sonorous voices of Baikonur”. In 2012, Dimash won the Grand Prix at the Republican Young Performers Contest “Zhas Kanat” and the 1st Prize at the International TV Contest of Young Performers “Oriental Bazaar”. In 2012, Dimash won the Grand Prix at the Republican Young Performers Contest “Zhas Kanat” and the 1st Prize at the International TV Contest of Young Performers “Oriental Bazaar”. In 2013, he became the winner of the first International Festival of young performers “Makin Asia”. In 2014 he graduated from the faculty of “Academic singing” at Aktobe College of Music named after A.Zhubanov. From this year, he is studying at the faculty of “Pop art” at Kazakh National University of Arts.”

He became a worldwide sensation after his participation at the most popular Chinese singing competition “The Singer 2017” on the TV channel ”Hunan”. This competition helped him boost his popularity in his own country as well. Everybody said that this boy is the phenomenon. Besides singing he is also successful as composer and musician on the piano, drums and the dombra, a traditional Kazakh folk lute.

I am hoping that showbiz will not destroy this pure and extraordinary personality of his. I hope that he is going to stay truthful to his ideals and values and that we will continue enjoying his magical singing at the live performances worldwide in the future. There are already a lot of Facebook pages made by Dimash’s fans from all around the globe.

Despite the fact that a lot of people compared him to Vitas, I thing that he has way greater abilities than any singer I have ever heard. But there is something that really bothers me, there are some bad comments about his English and French accent on internet.

All I have to say to those people is that besides all of his talents I mentioned above he also speaks 5 languages, so never make a fun of someone who talks your language with an accent, because this means that he also has knowledge of the other languages, unlike you who never even tried to learn any other language than yours. So please don’t bother with bad comments. Try to enjoy this beautiful music and this gifted young man’s voice.

Dimash Kudaibergenov sings with all his heart and even though I couldn’t understand a word from this song he still gives me goosebumps and touches my heart with his emotional performance, pure talent and beauty of his soul. For one more time this gifted person proved that music is beyond cultures, languages and borders. I wish him good luck in his further career. We should all follow his example and stay truthful to ourselves and our roots.

I put this article into Don’t worry be happy category. My intention, besides presenting Dimash is to show what true happiness looks alike. Apparently, Dimash is happy and he enjoys every second of his performances, because he does what he loves to do and this is singing. He is very good and successful at it, but not only because of his amazing talent but because he puts a lot of hours of hard work and rehearsals into it.The interesting fact is that at the time when he was attending the elementary school and his music teachers discovered the abilities of his vocal range they were giving him to sing the boy parts but the girls parts as well in the school choir. He wasn’t very happy about it at the time. He was complaining to his mother that he doesn’t want to sing like a girl. But if they didn’t push him at the time to work on his talent and to practice all the abilities of his vocal range he might not have become the talent we see in front of us today. This reminded me of my friend Bob Katsionis’ (very talented musician as well) statement about teaching, in the interview I had with him few weeks ago. When I asked him a question about teaching he said:  Passing the torch for me is more important than holding it. And here is where we have to realize the importance of good education and how great and important the role of teachers and mentors is in our lives.

I remember when I was studying at the art school one of my professors said that if we want to succeed as artists we had to understand that 20% of the merit belongs to our talent and 80% to the hard work we are putting in it. So yes, Dimash became famous worldwide over night, thanks to the competition on Chinese television, and yes he is very talented, but he wouldn’t have this kind of success if he didn’t worked so hard to achieve it. 

So dream it, believe it, work hard and achieve it. Whatever you do, make sure that you are giving your 100% and that you are enjoying. If you follow my advice and Dimash’s example, I may write an article about you as well someday.

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  1. You described perfectly who Dimash is all about. He is one of a kind. What is remarkable about Dimash is that he combines everything that makes him exceptionally unique in the singing world: He has a God given talent, 20 + years of training and hard work, an incredible vocal range, a wonderful personality, high morals and character (Kanat and Svetlana have to be thanked for this as they taught him well), so much stage presence and charisma and he is gorgeous. His core values are unmatched and I truly believe that the “showbiz” will not corrupt him because of that. His career, which is already huge in Asia and particularly in China, and Russia, is bound to explode worldwide. And when this happens all the renowned songwriters will knock at his door. Meanwhile, his cooperation with Igor Krutoy is very beneficial to him. What worries me a bit is the frenzy of his Chinese Dears. Because he likes to be close to his “Dears” so far he has let everything happened. For security reasons, I hope that they will give him space so that he will stay accessible. We should all be grateful that we are living on this planet at the same time he is! I am spreading the word constantly about Dimash here in the US where he does not have yet the fame he deserves. I keep on saying that Dimash will end up being the best singer that ever lived as he has not reached his peak yet.

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  2. This is a beautifully written tribute to a stunning singer. I have become totally captivated by Dimash. Not only is his voice the most phenomenal thing I have ever heard, he is so charismatic. I hope we hear more and more of him. BTW I find his accent charming.

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  3. Your article about Dimash Kudaibergenov is great!. I was looking for information about Dimash and found your article, I got curious about your blog and subjects, and I found myself amazed! I found motivativation… category by chance. Not a coincidence. Anyhow, I thought that you are amazing! with lots of kindness, integrity, and among others dignity. I don’t even know who you are. What you wrote is you, able to identify a person like you. thank you

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  4. I think he should improve his diction before he can get into the international scene plus if he could limit the screaming portion to gave way to more placid song interpretation. Just my opinion. No hate


  5. Thank you for your wonderful article about our Prince Dimash. He is truly a an amazingly gifted, talented and hard-working man. His gift of music to all his Dears is very much appreciated and we will continue to support him in all his endeavors.

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  6. Thanks for your comment Mina. I am hoping the same as you, but pressure that show business is putting on young stars is enormous. We have seen in the past a lot of them who couldn’t handle this kind of stress, Macaulay Culkin for example.


  7. Thank you for this amazing article. I appreciate your insight into what I call one of the 8 wonders of the world. The world is at Dimash’s disposal. Look out world. Here he comes.

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  8. Thank you for you article on Dimash Kudaibergen. I am one of his fervent fans. I truly appreciate someone that recognizes unique talent like his. And you, as well, during your research have experienced the mesmerizing feeling of being enveloped in his singing. He gently grabs your heart and soul and takes you on his musical journey in every song. Dimash has expressed that his heart and soul are made of music and that is why the only thing that matters to him is to have the audience experience the same thing. Amazing thinking for a 23 year old, especially because he accomplishes just that. Thanks again and kudos for having discovered him.

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