Zip lining in the Dominican Republic

The zip lines by Runners Adventures are the longest zip Lines in Dominican Republic and the only one in the country with a side-by-side cable or double cable, certified yearly by ACCT. As I mentioned in my previous blog post when my boyfriend and I decided to visit Dominican Republic and Punta Cana, we planed a lot of adventurous activities in advance. One of this activities was the zip lining.

It was our first time.The experience was amazing and unforgettable. The landscape  was stunning and breathtaking. We booked the tour through the Viator. If you wish to book the same tour, please press the link with the word Viator, to check the price of the tour and the rest of the details.

This zip line course consists of 18 platforms and 12 zip lines including the 2 longest lines in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean stretched across the length of the mountain range throughout 2 kilometers. Spread across a lush tropical mountain range. Experience an unrivaled frenzy gliding skin deep across lavish jungle vegetation.

The longest one was the most impressive for me. Try to imagine me zip lining and singing along ” I believe I can fly….” while sliding trough the longest line 800 meters height, in the air, above an amazing green forest and river, under the clear blue sky.

As I said you will be safely attached with climbing gear to the double line cables.

The Runners Adventures always organize the transportation from your hotel to the zip lines amusement park. As soon as you arrive you can rent the locker to place your personal belongings. The rent of locker costs 10 USD. This money will be returned to you when you will return the locker key to the cashier. Just note to have a 10 USD bill with you. We did not, and we gave her a 50, and she returned it to us when we returned the key. The lockers are not very big, but it was big enough for my medium size backpack.

You will first get one bottle of ice cold water as welcome. Then very experienced and lovely staff will attach on you all the safety gear and harness for zip lining. Later on you will have instruction guidance briefing with their instructors. Next step is watching the instructors demonstrating the safety rules on a small zip line in front of you. They will also explain to you the map of the amusement park that consist 18 platforms and 12 zip lines.

You will start with the line number 1, that is the smallest one. The line 2 is the line where you have to smile from the beginning to the end, because this is the Paparazzi line where they will take a picture of you while you are zip lining.

You don’t have to buy the picture if you don’t like it. If you wish to buy one or two the cost of one picture is additional 10 USD.

After you complete all the lines you will end up in the place you started. Next step is to give the safety gear and harness back to the staff. Of course, go and immediately wash up yourself. The gloves they will give you are made of leather. Your hands will smell for a while. You need to wash it few times to be able to get rid of the smell.

Then the staff will serve you fresh fruits and soft drinks. They also have a small souvenir shop, next to the lockers and a relaxing area. The prices in the shop are reasonable.

The whole adventure was really worth it. If you ever visit Dominican Republic this is the activity that I will recommend to you as must and you should definitely try it.

If you choose to try it there are some requirements that you should know. First of all covered shoes are required, please do not go with the flip flops, you will lose it in the way or they can fall onto the someone head while you flying. I would also recommend long trousers, or at least a casual knee-length Bermuda shorts. The minimum age to participate in this tour is 6 years old. The minimum weight to participate in this tour is 20 kilograms (44lbs.) The maximum weight to participate in this tour is 127 kilograms (280lbs.) The maximum waist to participate in this tour is 112 centimeters (44in.) Pregnant women cannot take part in this tour. Children must be accompanied by an adult. People with heart conditions cannot take part in this tour. People with disability and/or mobility problems cannot take part in this tour. The tour is not recommended for people with back problems. And of course you need to attend the instructions briefing before you start.

I will never forget this amazing experience and I would definitely do it again if I get the chance. It was kind of scary on lines 1 and 2. But later on you will get used to it and then you will relax and enjoy the rest of the lines. The very nice line was the double line, On this line you can zip line next to your partner and to race in order to come first to the platform. You can play a small game like the one who comes second to the platform is paying for the dinner tonight, or whatever. It was really fun, especially for me because I came first. I was so happy.

The instructors will show you how and when you can brake in order to move slower. You need to brake usually little bit before you reach the platform when the staff member who is waiting on platform to catch you give you a hand sign. If in any case you brake without realizing, it can happen that you stop on the zip line before you reach the platform.

There is no reason for panicking. You have to turn and you can move yourself towards the platform with your hands. They will instruct you on how to do it on the safety briefing before you start. At one point happened to me, but I was not so far from the platform, just few meters, and the platform was not so high. When I turned back and start moving myself, the staff member from downstairs told me that there was no need for this because I was low not so far from the ground so he can easily reach my legs with his hands. He grabbed my shoes and he pulled me gently toward the platform where the other boy caught me. It was so funny.

In one of the highest platforms you can also do the bungee jumping, but this is optional if you don’t want you can skip it. Of course I did it and it was so cool. The only bad thing was that if you decide to do bungee jumping is to climb on the highest platform with the stairs again for the second time.

The staff members are very professional and they will take good care of you. They always communicate with the fellow colleague from the next platform, some that are far away from each other over radio and the other that are close call each other or they make hand signs. They will never send someone trough the zip line if the previous person has not already arrived to the next platform. It is very safe, and they make you feel safe and relaxed as well.

They have a great sense of humor, they will joke with you all the time through the platforms. If you want to take video while you zip lining I would not recommend you to hold any selfie stick. I don’t think it is allowed either. You need your hands to keep your balance on the line, and to brake your speed if needed. Also, I would not recommend you to open your arms while zip lining, because you pass very closely by the trees, so you can get injured. I won’t lie to you, you will fly very fast, but don’t be scared, I am sure you will love it as I did. When you complete all the lines you will wish that there are some more or that you can do it again.

In our group we had some elderly people but also some kids around 10 years old. They were not scared at all and they enjoyed the rides very much like the rest of us.

There are many little kittens around the relaxing area, you can play with them they are very friendly while you waiting for the rest of the group to complete all the lines and to wash up, while you enjoy the plenty of the fresh fruits and soft drinks in the shadow.

Of course we bought the paparazzi photos from the zip line even though we think that they were very expensive. But since we did not have any camera on us while zip lining this was the only proof to our friends that we actually did it, and the only tangible thing we could take it with us besides our great experience. I can surely say the lifetime experience.

Please do not hesitate to make further questions, or to share your own experience from the Runners Adventures zip lines in the comments below. For the end I would like to mention our fabulous driver Virgilio and the best guide ever, the one and only Manny (Manuel).

We were so lucky to have the best team we could ever imagine. In general I have been in so many tours in my life I have never met such a lovely and funny guide as Manny. He is the best guide ever. I don’t know if you can choose the guide when you book your tour, but if you can, ask for Virgilio and Manny team and be prepared to have the greatest tour in your life.

On the way to the amusement park you will pass by beautiful  small villages and beautiful nature and small farm houses. Manny will explain to you all about flora and fauna of the area, you will learn a lot for sure.

On our way to the amusement park one young man from the group asked our driver Virgilio if he can pull over, because he was in desperate need to pee. Virgilio pulled over in front of a small farm house that you can see in the picture above. Manny went out and he asked the lovely lady the house owner if the boy from our group can use her toilet. She just smiled and she said of course. It was so funny.

But it proves how wonderful and hospitable the Dominican people are. While the boy was in the toilet it was a great chance for me to go out for a quick cigarette. And I also took some nice photos of the lovely farm house and the beautiful garden. Manny showed me how the ginger tree and the pineapple trees looks alike. The lovely lady had them in her amazing garden.

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