Lock & Load, shooting range, Miami

Lock & Load is the best shooting range in Miami area.


It is located in Miami’s Wynwood district.

Lock & Load offers the nation’s greatest variety of fully automatic firearms with over 25 fully automatic machine guns available for use in packages and a la carte menu.

The Wynwood Art District is a district of the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. It is home to over 70 galleries, museums and art collections.


Formerly an industrial district, the Wynwood area is highlighted by colorful murals that cover the walls of many of the buildings.

It was always my dream to visit the Wynwood Art District because is one of the most popular sites in the heart of Miami, Florida.

Besides of the many art galleries, museums and great restaurants, there you can also find the best shooting range in the area, the famous Lock & Load, as I earlier mentioned.


At the same building right next to the shooting range you can also visit their gun museum and their amazing art gallery.

Since the early 2000s, the Wynwood neighborhood has seen a rising amount of investments and attention, expanding the scope of the entire region.

Regarding Lock & Load, locals and tourists (domestic and international) can experience the adrenaline rush of fully automatic firearms in a safe and private environment under the direct supervision of trained professionals.

We found out about this place by watching some videos on YouTube, before our trip, regarding the tips about what to do and see while in Miami Florida.

If you are interested to live this experience while in Miami I am going to explain you how it works.

You can visit their website and from there you are able to see their collection of guns.

Then you can pick the package you like or you can also add some guns to your package from their a la carte menu.

You can do this online, but  also you can do that upon your arrival.

We booked our appointment earlier.

Upon our arrival the two ladies who greeted us were very welcoming and informative.

One of the ladies brought the catalog with the guns to us, later on she noted the guns we chose on a piece of paper and she informed us regarding the prices.

Note that you must have your passport or your identification card with you, because they have to registered you as their visitor upon arrival.

After you choose your guns, and the amount of the bullets you are intending to shoot, you can rest for a while until your instructor arrives to pick you up from the waiting area.

While you are waiting for your instructor, you can enjoy their rich collection of handguns and machine guns at the museum.

Their museum is open to the public and free of charge, visitors can experience a one-of-a-kind gun museum that features an educational look at the firearms of the past, present and future.

In their collection you can see missiles, battleship projectiles, swords, daggers, and other miscellaneous wartime items.

The Lock & Load Museum is dedicated to promoting history along with the safe handling, use and showcase of firearms.

They have impressive number of pistols, including the rare P7s, by the German firearm manufacturer HK.


They have a really great Weapon Menu, perfect service and if you choose to visit this place I can guarantee you that you are going to have an excellent experience.

The Kiowa OH58 Helicopter is hanging from the sealing in the lobby.

It is a decommissioned helicopter widely used throughout the Vietnam War.

Next to the museum is also the art gallery.

There you can admire a variety of firearms-related art pieces.

Ranging from historical photographs to contemporary prints, murals, spent ammo art and cutting edge X-ray photography, the art collection is geared towards guests who wish to delve into the Wynwood art experience.

Lock & Load Miami helps promote the artistic culture found in Wynwood by allowing artists to display their works throughout their building.

Your instructor is going to be with you all time and he will go through one gun at a time providing background details on each firearm that you are going to use.

Even though both of us, my boyfriend an I, do have certain experience regarding how to handle guns, we learned so many interesting and new things from Fabian that day.

If you come with a friend or your partner that is not interested in shooting, this person can also come with you to take some pictures of you while you are shooting. But note that also the visitors must have their passport with them and to register upon arrival, otherwise they will not be able to enter the shooting range with you.

The visitors are also obligated to watch the safety instruction regarding the shooting range, and to wear the safety gear, even if they are not going to shoot at the range.

If you wish you can bring your own GoPro and mount it directly in front of you.

We didn’t know that, so we did not bring ours.

But you can always rent their GoPro, for around 20 USD. They will film you while shooting and you will receive the memory card at the end.

One more interesting experience that you can try there is the shooting with the night vision. My boyfriend did and he said that it was incredible.

He was 100% satisfied.


Later on we went back to the lobby.

There you can find different machine guns on the wall that you can actually hold in order to capture some photos.

We played with them for a while, and we captured a lot of funny photos.

Later on we were planing to visit some art galleries in the neighborhood, but at the moment we went out of the building, we realized that a big storm was going on outside.

We went back to the welcome desk and we asked one of the girls to call us a cab.

With the taxi we went back to our hotel. I am sorry we were not able to discover more of the Miami’s Wynwood art district that day. I hope we will have a chance next time in Miami.

Lock & Load was in general one amazing experience, that I can recommend to everyone while in Miami.

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