Embrace yourself, and your wrinkles

As I described in my previous blog post I really enjoyed the strolling at the Bayside marketplace in Miami.

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Besides the great deal shopping we did there I also got for free some nice samples from some expensive skin products.

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I wish that I could purchase some of them but they were extremely expensive for my pocket. So, this inspired me to write a blog post about the skin care and wrinkles in general.

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I really loved the cream they gave me. It smells delicious, and it was a blessing for my skin.  Exposure to the sun often leads to skin peeling, and this cream really made my skin moisture and lightly scented all day long.

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The prices of their products are rating from $100 till over $7000 for a single mask or cream.  I had read some reviews and people are saying that those products have great results, but I think they are overpriced.

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Once again I realized that these kind beauty hacks are available only for the rich and famous. So all of us ordinary girls have to continue living with our eye bags and wrinkles and we need to learn to love and to embrace them.

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We should all be able to embrace ourselves the way we are. Behind of every wrinkle on our faces there is undoubtedly one unforgettable story.  We have those wrinkles thanks to our experiences, our tears and laughter. They’re part of our life, and not something meant to be erased.

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Whether you embrace your wrinkles and work on your own self-love, or not, one thing is for certain: Wrinkles are not imperfections, they are reflections and each one is personalized.

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Love them and embrace them, because they are part of you.

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I think that intention of removing them, is equal with hiding your emotions and your past life. Wrinkles both reflect and refract our inner beauty. So don’t obscure them.

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Embrace your wrinkles and be proud of them. They took a long time to earn.

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Even if you take good care of your skin, even if you use creams, mask and other products, you can not avoid to get wrinkles.

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OK, you can maybe manage to reduce some, but it is impossible to avoid the wrinkles of expression. Because in this case you have to avoid to express yourself and your emotions.

Source https://www.theodysseyonline.com

Happinesssadnessfearangersurprise and disgust,  are universally recognized and easily interpreted through specific facial expressions.

Source Pinterest (Viola Davis)

So, my advice is enjoy and live your life as much as you can, and don’t worry about the wrinkles. Instead of thinking about your wrinkles as a sign of age, try thinking about them as a sign of all the things you’ve accomplished.

Source Pinterest (Tilda Swinton)

There are so many worst things that can happen to us, the wrinkles are the less painless. So, embrace yourself and your wrinkles. A wrinkle isn’t a sign of age, it’s a sign of experience. A sign that you’re travelling a path laid full with memories and achievements.

Anna Magnani

Anna Magnani, an Italian stage and film actress once said: ”Please don’t retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them.”

Source Pinterest (Olivia Williams)

Olivia Williams, an English  film, stage, and television actress said: ”My skin may have wrinkles but it’s because I’m smiling so much. That might sound like some terrible American greetings card, but I feel it’s immoral for me to castigate my body for getting older, when it does everything I ask of it.”

23 Oct 2012 — Close-up of pensive, middle-aged woman. — Image by © Hero/Corbis

Cate Blanchett, an Australian actress and theatre director said: ”Who would want a face that hasn’t seen or lived properly, hasn’t got any wrinkles that come with age, experience and laughter? Not me, anyway.”

I totally agree with dear Cate what about you? Stay tuned if you like to find out how I got few new wrinkles on my face, thanks to my recent trip to Poland where I had one very, very unpleasant experience.

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