Pierogies tasting in Poland

Regarding our recent visit to Krakow, Poland, I would like to mention few things about the food we ate there.

I am talking about the famous Polish dish ”Pierogi” (dumplings) in this blog post.

Sorry all my dear Polish friends, but I didn’t liked them at all.

On our first day we visited Polish national restaurant that is famous for the best home made Pierogi in the town.

The restaurant was in the neighborhood of Palace Apartments where we were staying, so we walked.

It was a total disappointment for both of us.

I am not saying to you to not try them at all while in Poland.

Try them, but do not make the same mistake as we did. We ordered 4 different dishes of Pierogi at once.

By the way we were very hungry, and unfortunately we stayed hungry after our lunch. At least we ordered some chicken too, that was greasy, but eatable. Thank God, otherwise we would faint from the hunger.

Pierogi were served to us quite cold, and all of them were totally tasteless and gummy.

As I figured out, they don’t put any salt or sugar into the dough, so they can make the salty and the sweet Pierogi from the same dough.

Later on they boil the stuffed Pierogi, and all the flavors stay in the water. So, go ahead and try them while in Poland, but order just one plate for the beginning. Be smarter than us, and test it first if you like them or not.

Besides Pierogi I also tried some croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms. If they were warm, I might like them, but they weren’t. I live in the Netherlands, and here we often eat deep fried food. The difference is that in the Netherlands deep fried food is always served extremely hot, right out of the oil.

I would love to have your comments on this blog post, in the case you already tried Pierogi. What was your impression?

And believe me, it doesn’t have to do with the restaurant.

The very next day I ordered Pierogi with meat in another restaurant, hopping that it will taste better, but it was exactly the same shit, cold, bland and tasteless.

Stay tuned to find out about the rest of our good but also some very bad adventures in Poland.

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