How to deal with ,,someone is wrong on internet” kind of people

A lot of  people take internet arguments too seriously and they are spending too much time trying to correct others online. Anyhow, as much as this can be annoying, there are many people who are constantly posting wrong things, and false information online.


Some people insist that they are always right, and then later on some others are insisting that the previous were wrong, others then start to agree or disagree with the previous ones and so on. This is how arguments start to blossom, and grow over the forums and comment sections online. A lot of people on internet are finding hard to accept being told that they’re wrong. We need to accept the fact that sometimes others have different opinions than we do. Unfortunately instead of accepting different opinions we tend to get ourselves into arguments. Those arguments are often developing into a war, full of outraged insults.

Of course it’s always good to recheck the information you are about to share, but it is not the end of the world to be wrong or misunderstood sometimes. Please don’t get frustrated and be anxious because of this. Anyone can be wrong about anything at any time. If you find yourself in such situation just remember the song: ”The players gonna play, and the haters gonna hate,….” it might make you feel a bit better. But, the truth is that being mocked on internet can really produce a physical pain to a person. This phenomenon is called ”pain of social exclusion”.

Neuroscientists in Italy have discovered that “social pain” activates the same brain regions as physical pain. We have to be aware that our mocking and our words can really hurt somebody, and it can have serious consequences. So, think before you press enter after writing ugly comments to someone. Remember sixth grader Rebecca Sedwick from Florida, who committed suicide after being bullied online by a group of girls who tormented her for months. So I am wondering how many lives have to be lost until people realize that words do matter. Words are dangerous and words can kill.

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I can’t understand how some people are getting so passionate to prove that someone else is wrong on internet. Personally I find that very annoying and boring.

But the fact is that people do tend to get angrier online than they might be in the real world. We are all able nowadays to post things that might be insulting and politically incorrect thanks to anonymity. Internet is giving us the privilege to communicate and to share our views, opinions, and experiences. But we need to accept the fact that not everybody is going to agree with us. Different people are viewing things from different perspectives and they are reacting on different ways.

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Some might even get very angry and frustrated with the information shared online. I don’t want to participate in those kind of arguments. Not because I don’t have an opinion, but because I am aware that if you get tempted and you start an argument with someone, one is sure,  you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind by arguing with them. In fact, people tend to react even more strongly in opposition to someone else’s hostile mindset.

After being insulted on the internet, first thing you have to do is to take a deep breath, count to ten and calm down. Do not react. Accept it. Ignore it. Don’t bother. I know it is very challenging and it is not easy to control your emotions. But you have to. Remember that conflicts can not continue without your participation. So stay out of it. Let them bark. If you stay silenced and ignore them, they will stop at some point. Don’t give to the pursuer what he is hungry for, a chance for an argument with you. Don’t feed their frustration, rudeness and aggression.

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Just ignore them. I am sure you can do it. At the end of the story if you were right in the first place,  before the argument, you will remain right after the argument as well. So, you won’t “win” or receive any benefit at all from arguing with someone whether you were right or not. The only thing you can achieve is to get yourself upset, sad, angry and depressed. Try to avoid that kind of negative energy. It does not worth it. Stay above. Don’t put yourself in such of struggle. There is absolutely no reason for it.


The great Greek philosopher Heraclitus teaching say:  ‘Dogs bark at what they don’t understand.’ I totally agree, even though Heraclitus was very critical of everyone I really like this one. Unlike those of nowadays ,, someone is wrong on internet” kind of people, at least Heraclitus was not angry and insulting, he was just a skeptic.


So let the dogs bark, but don’t bark back on them. You have two options, you can rather observe them barking or just ignore them, it is up to you. But please do not bark back, because this is what they are thirsty for. Why would we give them the satisfaction, that they are fervid and passionate for? Therefore I always chose to stay above. What about you?

I dedicate this blog post to all of those who barked at me from time to time. Thank you guys for for being so inspirational! Feel free to comment and share.

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