Romanians are not giving up: Thousands on the streets march against corruption

Thousands of Romanians came out again on Bucharest streets from Saturday until Thursday, expressing dissatisfaction with the work of the government due to widespread corruption and the excessive use of force that the police applied on Friday, ending with hundreds of injuries.

The media publications reported that more than 450 were injured, and about thirty were arrested in a protest against a left-wing government that ran out of control on Friday night in Bucharest.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemned police violence and sought clarification of the circumstances in which several journalists were injured while working for the Austrian state television ORF.

“Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are the fundamental freedoms of the European Union that must be unconditionally protected”, emphasized Chancellor Kruz, Prime Minister of Austria, currently chairing the European Union.

Criticized by the opposition’s, the Romanian police responded that they acted  “gradual and proportionate” in response to the fierce attacks of dozens of hooligans.

Thirty policemen are also among the injured, 11 hospitalized, and six people on Saturday, including three policemen still in hospital, but their condition is not worrying, as hospital reported.

Romanian right-wing president Klaus Iohannis, in open conflict with the left-most parliamentary majority, sharply criticized the “brutal and unbalanced” intervention of the ruling force and he asked the state attorney to open an investigation.

Iohannis has acused the government for acting against the interests of citizens and he accused the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in charge of leading the country to chaos and disorder.

From the other side Minister Carmen Dan claimed that the police acted in accordance with the law while defending the state institutions.

Approximately 80,000 Romanians, including thousands of immigrants who came back to the country specifically to attend the protests, accompanied by their children, protested on Friday against the government corruption. They pointed out that, in Romania, nothing has changed, that there are no modern roads and schools and that corruption is everywhere.

About 4 million Romanians, out of a total of 20, work abroad, half of whom are in Italy and Spain, according to official data. In 2017, the Romanians living abroad sent 4.3 billion euros to their homeland families, or nearly 2.5 percent of the country’s GDP, one of the poorest in Europe.

Upon its return to power in late 2016, the PSD political party has launched a major judicial reform that threatens the independence of judges and allows political officials to escape persecution.

People of Romania had spoken, who knows what is going to happen next. It seems like there is another revolution coming soon in the case that Romanian laws continually get modified to work in favor of corruption. At least Romanian people know how to make a revolution work, the last one was only 27 years ago. I pray for the amazing Romanian people, God bless them.

I would like to see the beautiful and the bright side of Romania in the future, the one I remember from my last visit in this stunning country.

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