Autumn in Semberija, Bosna and Herzegovina

For all of you who don’t know, Semberija is a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely part of the Republika Srpska one of two constitutional and legal entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is located in the northeast part of the state, between the Sava River and Drina River and Majevica Mountain.  There is a local joke that say, the biggest hills in this fertile plain are the autumn pumpkins. Every year there is a local contest for the biggest pumpkin in the area.

The soil here is extremely fertile and it is favorable for the development of agriculture. It is actually the main occupation and source of income of the local population. The largest municipality in the region  is the municipality of Bijeljina.

600,000 years ago this area was a part of Pannonian Sea, water span that existed in the area of the Pannonian Basin about 30 million years ago therefore the soil is so fertile  here.

It is one of my favorite places on earth, because I’m born and I grew up here.

If someone ever told me that I could be born again and that I could chose the place where I’m going to be born, one is sure I will chose this place again.

I’m so blessed and proud to be borne in this amazing area.

I’m so grateful for all those beautiful memories from my childhood that I always cherish in my heart where ever I go.

I’m so grateful to grew and play at this fertile fields of Semberija and to had such of carefree and happy childhood.

I’m grateful for all those horse rides with my grandfather trough the fields and for being blessed to help him and my grandma in the garden. My favorite task though was to taking care of the farm animals. My grand parents had horses, cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and kittens.

I’m grateful for all those beautiful evenings next to the fireplace and my grandmother’s stories from which I learned the greatest lessons of life.

Semberija is a beautiful place during every season, but I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season.

It is the time when the agricultural tasks are almost completed, and local people are getting ready for the winter.

Few days ago I walked to the village cemetery to visit my grandparents graves.

I walked through the beautiful fields capturing this photos that you can see in my article.

Suddenly I saw the sweetest scene ever.

I can’t help not to share it with all of you.

There was a mom with two little girls in the middle of the huge cabbage field. Mom was cutting the cabbage, and girls were helping her by collecting them and placing them in the cart.

These girls reminded me of the beautiful little fairy’s from the fairy tales. They also reminded me of my own childhood and the joy I felt every time when my grand parents were letting me help them with the farm tasks and how proud and capable of being able to help them made me feel.

Girls were little bit shy at the beginning, but later on when I introduced myself, they agreed and they were happy to pose for me. I found them very beautiful, I hope you will give them your thumbs up too.

The wonderful colors of autumn here always lift my spirit up.

Although it seems that autumn is the season when nature slowly fades, many very nutritious plants are waiting for this season to bless us with their fruits.

Fruits and vegetables maturing in the autumn is extremely healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system before the winter.

You can enjoy them in a variety of ways, cooking them or preparing sweet, small snacks from them.

Chestnuts, beetroots, apples, pumpkins, broccoli, figs, spinach, grapes and many others are the gifts of autumn and we should be grateful, because autumn it is so generous to us.

The middle of October is the time of year that local people call the Miholjsko ljeto.

It is an extended period of summer, with warm and dry weather.

The period lasts from the end of September to mid- November , depending on the latitude.

In our region, the period is usually up to around mid or end of October.

This extended summer is known  as “Miholjsko ljeto”, thanks to the holiday of a Saint in Ortodox and in Catholic Church.

This meteorological phenomenon is the characteristic of the northern globe, that has four seasons trough the year.

I’m not going to write anything else regarding the beauty of the nature of Semberia in autumn.

Instead of writing I’ll let the pictures speak for them selves.

I hope you enjoyed my article. If you wish to visit this area and you are looking for accommodation please check the link below.

Bijeljina region: 57 properties


In my next post I will write about the city of Bijeljina and interesting things you can see and do here.

Since I recently received few negative comments regarding my English skills, I have one request towards my readers, please don’t be mad at me, because of my English. I know that it’s not the best. I’m not a native English speaker, I’m still learning and I’m self-taught. Besides of English I also speak four other languages. Regarding my content, if you like it you are welcome to read it, if you don’t you are welcome to turn the page and read something else that you do. Best regards from Semberia.

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