We have to shift the clock for one hour back on Sunday, October 28

At October 28, at three o’clock, we have to shift the clock for one hour back. That means we’ll have to shift the lock hands from three o’clock on two o’clock.

This could be one of the last shifts of the clocks due to the timetable and winter time calculation, as the European Commission proposed on September 12 that such semi-annual shift of the clock should be abolished, and if this proposal is going to be voted by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, the clocks will be shifted for the the last time at the on March 31 or on October 27 next year 2019.

According to the EC proposal, each member of the EU would have to decide by April 2019 whether to remain in the winter or summer time-counting regime or not.

Thus, the last compulsory shift of the hour-light calculation clock will be on Sunday March 31, 2019, and members wanting to return to winter time calculations will change the clocks for the last time on Sunday, October 27, 2019. After that date, semi-annual changes will no longer be possible.

From the 4.6 million of Europeans from 28 EU member states, 84% support the abolition of timetable and winter time calculation. So, no more ”Daylight Saving Time” for us from the next year. What we can do about it? Nothing. We can only embrace the changes and move on after few years nobody will remember it anyway.

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