Adorable old man from the bank

Today I went to the bank. I was waiting in line to pay some bills. An old man was standing in front of me. He looked like every other old man of his age, but in some way he was also different and unusual.

Scene from short film ALZHAÏMOUR

His fingernails were polished in very bright red color that was quite unusual. The polish on the nails was also kind of scratched. It seemed like he attempted to remove it with a knife.

Krakow, Poland

Suddenly a friend of him passed by and they shook hands. The friend asked him if he is OK in his mind with a smile on his face. He said of course, why are you asking? A man then pointed on the old man’s red finger nails.

Krakow, Poland

The old man started to laugh too. He explained that this was a creation of his two little granddaughters. He said: My daughter in law left two little girls at my house a few days ago. She had some obligations and she asked if I could take care of them for a while. You know how much I love these girls, and how happy I am every time when they bring them to me. They are my sunshine, my joy of life. I would do anything for them, even if they asked me to jump on my head I would let them do it. This time they wanted to paint my nails, and I let them of course. They enjoyed it very much. Later on when they left I tried to remove it with the knife, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have this special liquid for removing the nail polish.

Semberija, Bosna and Herzegovina

Even though every time the kids make my house up and down, I’m so happy to spend time with them. Every time after their visit I have to clean my house for days, they are making a lot of mess, but I don’t mind. They always make me smile, I love them and I miss them so much.

Krakow, Poland

While he was explaining this to his friend he was laughing constantly. The happiness on his face was so obvious. Everybody in the bank laughed with him. His story was so adorable. He was adorable.

Semberija, Bosna and Herzegovina

Then he said on the end: They are not coming very often though. Girls are too small to come alone and my son and my daughter in law are very busy to bring them. They live in the city and I live in the village, so they don’t have a lot of time, what can we do. His face suddenly became sad and together with him all of us around felt sorry for him.

Semberija, Bosna and Herzegovina

I shared this story with you just to remind you about your parents and grandparents. I understand that you might be busy and occupied with every day struggles, but don’t forget about them please. They might feel lonely and they are striving to spend some time with you.

Semberija, Bosna and Herzegovina

Life is to short. Therefore is important to find some time to spend with the people who love you and who are waiting for your visit, call or at least one kind word. If you don’t share a bit of your precious time with them now when they are still around, you might feel sorry one day when they leave this world, but it will be too late.

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