Il Ramla of Gozo and Mekren’s bakery, Malta

If you checked out my few previous posts about Malta you already know that we spent one evening and one whole day in San Gulian’s and Valletta.

We had an amazing time there and we loved it very much.

Very early on our third day in Malta we took a ferry from Cirkewwa, heading to island Gozo.

We arrived on the island fast and easy but as I said very early.

It was little bit confusing how to go from the port to the main street, but one nice gentleman from the boat guided us to the bus and taxi station.

There was no buses or taxi drivers in front of the port at 7 o’clock in the morning.

We waited for a while, but later on we contacted our hotel and asked them to send a driver to pick us up from the port.

Within five minutes our driver was there to take us to the hotel. We stayed at the Quaint Hotel located in the village Nadur.

If you wish to find out more about this hotel, please check the link on the hotel name.

Since this was a small hotel they didn’t have receptionist 24 hours per day. The driver showed us the password in order to open the hotel door, and he let us in.

Of course our room was not ready yet, because the check in was at 15:00 and the check out for previous guests was at 12:00.

Receptionist and room attendants were starting their shift around 09:30, so we left our luggage behind the front desk and we went out to look for some coffee and breakfast.

We found a very charming little place right on the main square in front of the St. Peter & Paul Basilica and next to our hotel that was located right behind the St. Peter & Paul Basilica.

They had Illy my favorite coffee, and that was a good sign for me. Cafeteria was busy, there were locals enjoying their coffee and breakfast and a few policemen as well.Later on we hanged out with some fellows that were staying in the same hotel in the hotel garden.

One local boy who was talking with us suggested that we should go and see Il Ramla, the most famous beach in Gozo.

We decided to walk, even though everybody suggested that we should take a bus. It was a nice opportunity to explore Nadur as well.

On our way to Il Ramla, we discovered a very charming traditional Maltese bakery. It is called Mekren’s bakery.

We just had breakfast, so there was no place for pizza at the time but we tried some traditional Maltese pie, it was warm, fresh baked and delicious.

People in there were very nice and friendly and they let me capture a lot of photos.

Suddenly the rain started, we had in front of us about 20 minutes to walk in order to reach the Il Ramla.

By the way I found Nadur extremely beautiful.

It almost felt like I’m traveling back in time.

I loved the architecture, and this beautiful doors.

I was clicking with my camera constantly.

Wherever I turn there was a perfect scene for a beautiful photo.

We were standing in the corner.

The view towards the Ramla Bay was magnificent. The terraced walls built by the farmers give the valley an appearance of a quilt when viewed from the high ridges surrounding it. As we were standing on the corner and taking photos of the Ramla Bay we saw a bus approaching.

We waved to the driver and he stopped.

We asked if that bus is going to Il Ramla, he said that he is going to opposite direction, but he suggested that we jump into the bus and take a ride with him to the main station of the capital city of Gozo Victoria and then go back with him again to Il Ramla in order to not get wet from the rain.

After all, our tickets were valid for two hours so both rides can be covered with one ticket. So we did it.

This was one more proof how nice and hospitable people of Malta were in general. All the drivers were very nice and polite, always willing to give advice and answer the questions. Their public transport is perfect, comfortable, on time and very cheep. You will pay 1,5 for the ticket that is valid for two hours wherever you go.

The ride was really nice and pleasant, it helped us to discover more of Gozo, and we decided to visit Victoria, the capital city of Gozo, later on during the day. The city is also known among the native Maltese as Rabat (which is the name of the old town center) or by its title Città Victoria.

The Il Ramla was a beautiful and quite wide and sandy beach. It had a golden-reddish sand, which makes this beach different from all others in Gozo and Malta. Its real Maltese name is Ir-Ramla l-Ħamra — the Red Sandy Beach.

The area around the beach is quite interesting and provides some very rich historical treasures.

There were not many people around because it was winter time, but we saw some tourists with Quad Bikes. We did not know that we could book this kind of tour in the winter time so we can also join, but if you wish you can do it through this link. Full-Day Quad Tour of Gozo.

I believe that this tour is amazing and I will definitely book it on my next visit to Malta. There is also a Half day quad Tour of Gozo, you can check this one as well.

We also met two surfers that were very excited about the big waves.

We walked around, took so many photos, but it was too rainy and windy to walk to the cave.

Roman remains lie beneath the sand and the famous Calypso Cave overlooks the western side of the beach.

The beach is popular with both Maltese residents and tourists.

There are two canteens on the beach and several ice cream kiosks, but at the time we visited they were all closed. because we visited Gozo at the end of November.

There was also a very clean public toilet by the beach, that is open all year long.

The beach is surrounded by hillsides on both the west and east where many local farmers have gardens and orchards.

A sandy path on the eastern hillside leads up to the Calypso Cave.

According to tradition, this is the cave referred to by Homer in The Odyssey. The nymph Calypso lived in this cave and it is where she entertained Odysseus for seven years before he resumed his journey. Calypso Cave is in fact a series of caves. The story tells that she was so madly in love with Odysseus that the gods had to intervene and order her to release him so that he may return to his wife Penelope in Ithaca.

Since the the bus makes its rounds every 45 minutes and since there was nothing else to do at Il Ramla we decided to walk back to Nadur instead of waiting for the next bus another 45 minutes.

Rain already calmed down, it was a little bit windy but it was worth it as you can see from the photos in this article.

It took us about 25 minutes walking from Il Ramla to Nadur.

I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to admire such an amazing place.

This walk from Il Ramla back to Nadur will always stay unforgettable for me.

I don’t have to explain why.

My photos are more worth than thousands of words.

On our way back we got hungry again so we went back to the Mekren’s bakery and we grabbed some home made, fresh baked, delicious pizza.

We sat at the bench in front of bakery and we “gobble up” our pizzas within few minutes.

If you ever visit Gozo and Nadur you should definitely visit that bakery.

This place is constantly busy.

People are literally waiting in the line.

We were back in the hotel around 11:30 and we were pleasantly surprised that our room was ready.

We were so happy that they managed to get our room ready so quickly. We really needed to go inside, to warm up and relax after so many kilometers of walking. Our staff was already placed nicely in our room.

This people from the Quaint Hotel really knows what the real hospitality is. We were so glad we chose this hotel.

This article will be continued, as our adventures at Gozo continues for next few days. I hope you enjoyed reading as I enjoyed to revive our memories from Gozo.

If you are staying in Valletta and you wish just to explore island of Gozo for a day, I can suggest you to take Full-Day Gozo Island Tour from Valletta.

During the summer, all the tours include a swimming stop. So you should bring your swimming suit and sunscreen with you.

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