Beautiful streets of Victoria, Gozo, Malta

I have seen a lot of beautiful buildings and things on my recent trip to small island of Malta, Gozo.

One is sure I am never going to forget the rustic, charming, wet, narrow, and cobbled streets of Victoria.

This beautiful house on the photo below was for sale. If only I had enough money I would buy it right away. It is located about 5 minutes walking from the main square of Victoria. I really fell in love with their architecture.

If you ever got a chance to explore it yourself only then you will truly understand what I’m talking about.

Until then you can admire my photos.

I hope I will get some likes for all those beautiful photos.

I visited Victoria two times during my stay at Gozo. One time on the rainy day and one time on the sunny day. Victoria looked amazing in any weather condition to me.

Walking trough these charming streets almost felt like I was traveling back in time.

People of Gozo were so warm, gentle and hospitable. If someone asked me to describe them in one word that will be simply amazing.

There is traditional open air market located in the vicinity of Independence square of Victoria. It is a busy area where fishmongers along with fruit and vegetable sellers’ setup their stalls.

There you can buy traditional products like preserved olives, capers etc.  Presiding over Independence Square, you can also notice the Banca Giuratale, a circular building in Baroque style, which is the seat of the local council of Victoria.

Opposite the Banca Giuratale, there is a Church of St. James.

I have to repeat that the old narrow streets, in the area of St. George’s Basilica are truly worth exploring and the Citadella as well. I suggest you to check my previous post regarding my visit to Citadella if you haven’t yet.

If you wish to find accommodation in the capital city of Gozo, Victoria, then please check the link below.

Victoria, Gozo accommodation choices.

I would really appreciate if you book your accommodation through my link above. In this case I will earn a small commission from as their affiliate partner. Thanks in advance for your support.

Get your camera ready as you wonder around the cobbled lanes of Victoria, where old houses’ facades adorned with stone sculptures and amazing colorful doors.

If you already checked my post ”Symbolism of the closed doors” then you know all about my great idea for my next project, and you will understand my great excitement after I saw all these beautiful colorful doors.

I got so many amazing images for my future project and I am so happy about it. I can’t wait to start working on it.

For shopping in Victoria, you can follow Republic street, next to the main bus station. There you can find a very charming shopping mall with a lot of choices.

If you’re after just a quick bite whilst on the go, then you can pass by one of the pastizzerias that sell the typical street food – pastizzi. It is some kind of crunchy fresh baked small cheese pies. They were very tasty, you should try them while in Malta. They sell them almost on every corner.

One day spent in the old city will take you back in time for sure. If you are a beer person you should definitely try the local beer Cisk.

If you are not a beer person I can suggest you to try the Kinnie. It is a soft drink made of a blend of oranges and aromatic herbs. 

Victoria is both the geographical and commercial heart of Gozo and it is worth visiting.

In general Gozo is a small, mostly agricultural island with a great deal of rustic charm, unpretentious hospitality and as I already said amazing people.

Stay tuned and follow Embrace yourself, embrace the world In my next blog posts I’m going to describe the rest of beautiful places I had visited at the island Gozo.

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