Nadur by day and night, Gozo, Malta

Nadur is a beautiful and charming historic village on the small Maltese island Gozo.

The word “Nadur” which in Maltese means “look out”, is derived from the Arabic word nadara.

The town’s motto means much the same.

For example while I was wondering around the town and if you checked my previous posts about Gozo you can realize that I was walking a lot. Since I was constantly taking photos of all this beautiful landscapes, buildings and doors, a few unusual things happened to me.

One day a gentleman stopped with his car right next to me and asked me if I am lost and if I need any help or directions.

I thanked him for his kindness and I told him that I’m not lost and that I know where I’m going, even though I’m a tourist. He wished me a nice day and he left.

Later another gentleman proposed to me to take me from Qala to the Nadur town center with his car.

Later on another gentleman proposed to me to take me to the Calypso caves with his motorbike.

Since I was taking my morning coffee and pastizzi every morning during my stay at Nadur at the small cafe on the main square, almost everybody from the locals that were gathering there every morning for the same reason got to know me very quickly.

So I had a lot of interesting conversations with them regarding my small excursions around Gozo. I also got a lot of great advises regarding what to see and how to go wherever I wanted to go.

So I don’t know if it has to do with the town name Nadur aka ”look out”, but people of Nadur are indeed very loving and caring people.

They looked out on me all the time and in general they watch out everything that is going on around.

They are very open and approachable.

Nadur is the third most populated Gozitan town after Xagħra and Victoria. It has population about 4500 people.

I admired their architecture very much.

All these old houses’ facades adorned with stone sculptures and amazing colorful doors.

The charming main square area centers basically around the parish church, with a few shops, eateries, snack bars, and mostly residential housing.

The religious feast of Nadur – Mnarja – is celebrated on June 29. The feast was very popular with honeymooners and its name seems to suggest that there is a possible connection with the beginning of summer.

It is derived from luminaria (illumination), and in fact it is a festival rooted in Maltese seasonal rituals and customs.

The statues, of St. Peter and St. Paul, were made in Marseilles in 1882. It is one of the many masterpieces that grace the grand church.

The parish church, dedicated to St. Peter and Paul, is a very artistic monument of both architecture and painting, rich in marble works and decorations, erected on the site of a former smaller church and which is also the highest point in town.

We stayed at the beautiful Boutique Quaint Hotel, that is located right behind the St. Peter and Paul church. There is a bus station right in front of the church.

Hotel was very clean and beautiful. Rooms comfortable with a nice view.

It had modern design and friendly staff. Breakfast was simple but fresh and tasty. Their rating is at enviable 9.2. As a person with hospitality background I can tell you that everything above 9 is enviable in the hotel business. The rating is based on customer reviews.

On the ground level of the hotel there is very cozy and delightful restaurant and wine bar called Fat rabbit.

It is almost hidden in a small square at the back of the St. Peter and Paul church.  

The Fat Rabbit’s menu offers a wide selection of food including its specialty, the rabbit.

They have a great wine list, but if you are not a wine person you can choose from their admirable assortment of beers or have them mix you up a cocktail.

We had a dinner there two times during our stay in Nadur. They have superb food, huge portions and great service.

I can definitely recommend this place for dinner! Prices were also affordable. And don’t skip to try their amazing desserts after your dinner.

On the other corner of the same hotel there is small but charming pizza place. They bake their pizzas in an oven with wood. It is delicious and you should definitely try them.

This place is always busy. It is small but if you wish to sit, you can use the hotel garden chairs right behind the pizzeria as we did. They even put candles on the table for us.

In general people of Gozo are very hospitable.

I maybe repeating myself from post to post regarding Gozo, but I have to mention it, because it is true.

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