Qala, Gozo, Malta

Qala is pronounced as Aala in English. It is a small, charming village on the island Gozo, Malta.

It is smaller than Nadur with a population of 2,284 residents.

Qala is easternmost village of Gozo and has been inhabited since early times.

The development of the present settlement began in the second half of the seventeenth century.

It is a pleasant and rural place with many natural and historic attractions.

Something that I noticed at Gozo is that every town has the main square with the parish church in the middle.

The Qala’s parish church is dedicated to St. Joseph.

It is built in baroque style like the most of the churches on the island.

Whether they are built in the seventeenth or in the latter half of the twentieth century, they were all constructed in the same style.

All important things are concentrated around the main square.

There you can find a few traditional Maltese restaurants and a small bar that works until late at night.

The feast of Qala is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and is dedicated to their beloved patron Saint Joseph.

I visited Qala on a beautiful sunny day around 15:00.

The beautiful blue Maltese sky reminded me a lot of Greece.

I had a cold beer at the main square bar called Ite Ad Joseph Bar, and I decided to walk through the village and uphill to Nadur. Barman said it is not so far, he was right and I’m glad I did it.

It was a very pleasant walk that I enjoyed very much. It was easy, I just followed the signs. If you liked Qala and you would like to find accommodation in this town, please check the link below.

Accommodation choices in Qala.

The link above will take you directly on the website. I can not express my opinion regarding the accommodation in Qala, because I stayed in Nadur at the Boutique Quaint Hotel Nadur. You are welcome to check both links then you can decide what it is best for you.

I was so fascinated with Gozo hospitality in general and with their landscapes and architecture. Especially with all these beautiful colorful doors. There was one on every step right in front of me. I couldn’t stop clicking with my camera.

I didn’t literally took a photo of every door, but I did took a lot of photos during my stay at Gozo.

The streets were empty and the town was very quiet. I only met a few people on the way and a few cars passed by.

I also walked through the fields between Qala and Nadur and I took many beautiful photos on the way.

Stay tuned and follow Embrace yourself, embrace the world side to discover many more beautiful destinations.

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