French Student Sold Her Virginity for 1.2 million euros

I just red the most crazy story on the internet that I had to share it with you.
I don’t even know where to begin. A French student who auctioned her virginity online has reportedly fallen for the businessman who bought her for sex. A young student, Jasmine, 20, from Paris, sold herself through notorious website Cinderella (something).

First of all why they named the escort site ”Cinderella” ?
Cinderella is the story with the moral lesson for kids. Cinderella teaches the morals of kindness towards all, forgiving others for doing wrong, and never letting bad things ruin your heart. The themes of the story are good versus evil and luck changing your life. So by putting this name on the escort site they are ruing all the possible values of this beautiful story.

Tabloids were saying that a ‘smart’ and ‘successful’ Wall Street banker won the bidding for the Jasmine virginity with an offer of 1.2 million euros (£1million), beating a ‘Los Angeles DJ’ and a ‘real estate mogul from Munich’.

My second question is who the hell is a person capable of giving a million euros just for one night of sex? Especially nowadays where so many families were starving and millions of children live on the edge of the existence?

Jasmine said she was raised in a religious family and had initially intended to save herself for marriage but decided to sell her virginity as a way to raise money to start her own business and travel the world. She said: ‘Most people would exchange a million for their first time if they could turn back time.

No wonder modern day morals suck! What kind of moral example is this? I guess for some people that is the way. It’s sad that people are putting a price on everything nowadays. In Australia there is website called ‘virgins wanted’ who is listing and auctioning male and female virgins.

At the end of the story the protagonist Jasmine, fell in love with the ‘smart’ and ‘successful’ Wall Street banker who paid her for sex. Successful, maybe, but smart, hell no! And how in a heck you are falling in love with a person who is buying your body? Well, one is sure, she didn’t fall in love with him. She fell in love with his deep pocket. I really wonder how low this society can fall? She found her sugar-daddy, oh how romantic?

OK, the prostitution is the oldest job known to man, it was always around and it will always be. Sex sells and it isn’t going anywhere, men will always buy sex. But I wouldn’t call it the ‘oldest profession’, I would rather call it the ‘oldest oppression’. The only thing that bothers me is that the tabloids are making a some kind of Cinderella love story of this and they are sending a wrong message to the society and young people. They were presenting this story like something romantic and enviable. In my opinion this is nothing but good old prostitution.

She is just 20 years old and the best thing she figured out to do with herself and her life is just to sell her pussy for money, even though she claims that she is coming from religious family with values. Believe me there is nothing romantic and enviable in this young lady’s story.

Sadly the practice of using human bodies as a marketplace has been normalized under the liberal economic system. Supporting the notion that prostitution is “labor” is not a progressive or female-friendly point of view. I have read about the breast milk trade in Cambodia, where wealthy American businessmen recruit pregnant women and pay them a pittance for their milk. There were desperately hungry men outside of hospital blood banks in India, offering to sell their blood in exchange for food. Girls in the Ukraine sell “virgin” blonde hair for use as extensions in western salons. It is increasingly common to “rent a womb” from women in the global south to carry a baby on behalf of privileged westerners.

In the Netherlands, where I live, sex trade is legalized in 2000. It is legal for driving instructors to offer lessons in return for sex, as long as the learner drivers are over the age of 18. The only thing I can say for the end of this post is that this world is just one big brothel.

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