My not so successful elevator pitch

While I was looking for a new job I was invited to several job interviews. On one of them I was asked to prepare a few minutes of elevator pitch in order to present myself. The truth is that I wasn’t very interested for that job, but since they invited me I decided to go. I went on many job interviews in my life, but it was the first time someone actually asked me to prepare the elevator pitch. Usually on most of interviews they ask you different questions that you have to answer. So this three minutes elevator pitch was a nice opportunity to test my communicative and narrative skills. Guess what, even though they seemed impressed with my elevator pitch and with me during my classic interview later on I was rejected. Take a look, at my speech please. Any comments and tips will be welcome and appreciated of course.

”Hello everybody. Since every great relationship should be based on honesty I have a small confession to make. My real name is Diana Prince and I’m the Wonder Woman. (It was said in a funny manner, accompanied with the well known Wonder Woman pose, without wearing the Wonder Woman costume of course. I had the business attire, a combination of light blue shirt and grey suit.)

WONDER WOMAN, Lynda Carter, 1976-1979

(The speech continued with a smile after everybody in the room stopped laughing)

I said: Let’s get serious before they kick me out. It was just a small joke to break the ice. I might not be the most powerful woman in the world, but I do have some super powers.

My name is Tania and I’m the creator. (Some people started to laugh again, so I reassured them that this time I’m totally serious and I continued with my pitch…)

All my life I create beautiful things. Starting with my art and crafts, my amazing career in the hospitality industry, as the creator of very successful teams, and memorable guest experiences. I wrote three books, and I’m a very dedicated blogger with thousands of followers from more than 150 countries. When you take in mind that they are only 195 countries in the world I believe that this is a quite big accomplishment. Right?

(They were all nodding and they all seemed impressed, so I continued…)

But my most beautiful creations are the relationships that I have created and maintained through my life. Starting with my family members, my partner, my friends, my colleagues, my blog followers, my costumers and clients of course.

Making social connections with others is a natural thing for me. I’m approachable and easy going person. My friends say that I’m also good story teller and remarkable listener. Therefore I believe that the … (the name of the well known company, involved in tourism) is the best environment for me and that I could be the great asset for your company, since you are looking for great communicators.

I managed through the years, to train my mind and learn how to search and discover the best in every person. But also in every situation or challenge that life might bring. Any questions?

(They asked me how old I am.) I said that I’m 44.

(They asked which languages do I speak even though it is clear in my CV.) I answer: Proficiency in Greek, English, Serbian-Croatian, basic Dutch, Russian, Italian and Turkish.

After one week I received the rejection. I wasn’t very interested in that job anyway (it was way below my salary expectations and they were able to offer only zero hours contract, so even if they chose me I would reject their offer in the end). But I still don’t understand what I did wrong during my elevator pitch and interview so that they decided to reject me? According to requirements, I had everything they asked for (experience in retail, hospitality, public relations, good communication skills and I speak more than two languages). It was probably something about my pitch they didn’t liked. I want to believe that my speech was great and that the biggest obstacle was my age (in the Netherlands they usually prefer young people, because their salary range is lower, so they were cheaper for the employers). If you have any opinion regarding my dilemma, please feel free to comment below. I would kindly appreciate to find out if you liked my elevator pitch and if you have any advice on how to make it sound better next time in the case it’s needed.

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