How to hold yourself regarding the overspending

Overspending is actually spending more money than one can afford. It is a common problem nowadays when easy credit is available.

Valleta, Malta

Well, I’m a very fashionable lady. So, I was constantly buying nice things that I liked. That made me happy for a while, but I really didn’t needed those things.

Valleta, Malta

I realized it was a time to make one big step to overcome this overspending / overbuying habit. A big decision was made during my summer house cleaning procedure. I had so much stuff, and not enough space to store them. I kept saying to my boyfriend that we need more storage space in the house. He was kind of ignoring me most of the times, but at some point he said to me: No darling we don’t need more storage space in the house, you just have to get rid of some stuff you don’t use any more.

London, UK

I was shocked at the moment. How he could possibly say something like this to me. He knows how much I love my stuff. But when I sat and calmed down I realized that he was absolutely right.

London, UK

I had so many things that I wasn’t even using. So I decided to get rid of a lot stuff during that summer cleaning. Some that were totally new and I bought but never really wore, I sold through a Facebook market place. I have to admit that I still don’t have enough space. And that I still sometimes think that I have nothing to wear. But this was a very big step for me. I just couldn’t get rid of everything at the moment. Maybe I will get rid of some more during the spring cleaning, following the step by step selection method.

London, UK

So, my next decision was to simply stop buying for a while. I made a personal challenge that I’m not going to buy any more shoes or clothes for myself for the next six month. I made this personal challenge at the begging of August 2018.

Valletta, Malta

Guess what happened? I managed to control myself and since the beginning of August 2018 until today, the middle of February 2019, I haven’t bought any garment for myself. I even managed to get through with the huge temptation of big sales.

Brussels, Belgium

I feel so proud that I managed, and even though the period of my personal challenge has ended, I decided to continue for another six month.

Fiscardo, Greece

Instead of buying new stuff I took the time to organize the existing ones, and discovering the old things in my closet and in my attic. The things I forgot that I even have.

Krakow, Poland

By diving in the boxes with my old shoes and clothes from the attic, I felt like I was shopping again. I was also surprised with some nice pieces I found, but also with the stupid things I had bought in the past few years. I was like, what I was thinking at the time while buying all that stuff that I don’t even need?

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

I’m sure a lot you ladies had the same or very similar experience. If you liked my challenge, you are welcome to follow my example and I will be happy to give you more tips and tricks on how to manage with challenges. One good tip is that you can wear the same things again and again in different ways, by combining them differently. As you can see on the images I chose for this post, I’m wearing same things again and again, but they look different somehow.

Star Island and Downtown Miami, Florida

We all remember the movie ”Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Well, I can admit that I was also a shopaholic, maybe not that extreme like Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie, but I was.

I didn’t actually got in this challenge in order to save money, I did it to save myself of being a stupid and addicted. If you get into the challenge in order to save money, you are not going to succeed. Trust me, I have tried this several times. It will only get you to spend more while searching and spotting bargains. So, start this challenge in order to get rid of the addiction. Because it is addiction and the first step should be to actually
admit that you have a problem. The best part in my story is that I managed without putting my credit card into the freezer, like Rebecca from the movie did. At least in the end I saved some money for traveling, that I enjoyed very much.

Fontainebleau hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

I feel very proud of myself, and kind of smarter than before. I feel I overcome myself and one of my stupid habits. When I’m
completely done with it I might make a new one regarding smoking.

Krakow Valley Shooting Range

Coco Chanel once said: ”Fashion fades, only the style remain the same.” I would also add the interesting personality as important part of the personal style.

So if you have a style and interesting personality you don’t need a lot of money and huge amount of garments to be and to look chic. I plan to reveal some of my secrets of stylish outfit in some of my next posts. Stay tuned and follow Embrace your self embrace the world

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