Few facts about confidence

Confidence can be described as a belief in one’s self and one’s ability to succeed. But there are many different types of confidence.

Gozo, Malta

Two most common types of confidence that we can usually find in every work environment are ”Perfectionist Confidence” and ”Humble Confidence”. Let’s talk about these two today.

Valletta, Malta

People who radiate with ”perfectionist confidence” or overconfidence at the workplace are actually people with lack of real confidence. They believe that if they work very hard and plan everything out really well, and appear as if they have it all together, it gives them a sense of security to operate from.

Victoria, Malta

Even though this type of confidence is better than no confidence at all, the line between perfectionist confidence and arrogance is very thin. People who radiate this type of confidence are usually people who come off as aloof, robotic and arrogant because they are unable to connect with other people. They also might be overly competitive with others and see the world around them as hostile, which drips into their interactions with others. This kind of people also like to complain about others a lot and they never admit their own mistakes.

Citadella, Malta

From the other side people who radiate ”humble confidence” know where and when they are good but they also acknowledge where they need to develop their skills. They are confident about their abilities and accomplishments, while they also acknowledge their weaknesses and where they were wrong. Being confident and humble at the same time it’s not an easy thing to accomplish but it’s worth trying. As soon as you manage this you gonna meet the enjoyment, success and achievement of your high performance goals.

Nadur, Malta

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Quala, Gozo, Malta

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