230 Fifth rooftop bar NYC

230 fifth rooftop bar is located in the heart of the NYC just a few blocks from the Empire State building. 

The bar is open all year long. There is an indoor penthouse lounge that is completely enclosed and the rooftop is open to the sky.

Even though the rooftop is open space, smoking is prohibited, as in every cafe & restaurant in NYC.

We visited this place in summer time, but in the winter months they actually have custom build igloos to keep their guests warm.

In order to enter this bar you need to have your ID with you. You need to show the ID to the guard at the entrance.

We went only for drinks, but if you wish to have dinner you probably need to make a reservation.

The visitors were very nice dressed especially the ladies. Most of them in a high heels and fancy tiny, shiny dresses. It was almost like we were at the television series Sex and the City filming location. I kind of felt a bit embarrassed for my simple and casual outfit. Maybe during the day is different, but we visited the place late in the evening.

Beside all of this, the place is worth visiting because of the view from the rooftop garden is breathtaking, especially in the night with all that shiny lights of New York city.

If you wish to take beautiful photos of NYC by night you should definitely visit this place.

The location is amazing, with a beautiful view of the Empire State Building, New York Life building, Chrysler building, etc. and all of that from the palm tree-lined charming roof terrace.

The guards were very attentive, they even suggested to take my camera and capture a few pictures of me and my boyfriend together. I found this very sweet and kind gesture.

I saw some bad comments on TripAdvisor, regarding guards and staff in general, but we had very nice experience with staff in general. The entrance guard was very pleasant, with a great sense of humor.

The host was very sweet, she greeted us with the nicest smile, we weren’t looking for a table inside, we knew where we were going, so she did not approach us at all. But if we needed to be seated we would approach her.

Therefore, please don’t be influenced by the bad comments on TripAdvisor. I work in hospitality industry for so many years and I know that most of the people who write bad reviews were people who like to complain about everything in general.

It was not our first time at the 230 fifth rooftop bar, so we knew how to go to the terrace. The barman outside was nice as well, we didn’t wait long for our drinks, because we went right after the big rain so it was not very crowded outside. But even if we did wait for our drinks, the view is so amazing it really wouldn’t bother us at all.

If you wish to find the nice place to stay in NYC and Manhattan, please check the link below. NYC accommodation. There you can find all different kinds of hotels, reviews, prices and information about availability for your desired dates. We stayed at the Avalon hotel, I will describe our experience in one of my next articles.

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