There are things in life that we cannot control

Yes, there are things in life that can happen suddenly, things that are out of our control. Very often we cannot influence it or change it.

First thing we have to do in this case is to be honest with our inner self. It is important to acknowledge things as they are. There is no benefit in ignoring our emotions. We have to see things for what they really are. We have to accept it whatever it is. Since we are not able to do something to change it at the moment.

The second very important thing is to never confuse acceptance with a statement of preference. We have to see the acceptance as the ability to relax around things and events that we cannot control.

The only thing we can actually control is ourself, our decisions, attitude, and reactions.

My advice is to stop being frustrated over things such as weather, traffic, sudden changes, the past, the future, other people’s mind, thoughts and feelings, and of course other people’s happiness.

So, let all the things that you cannot control go, relax and focus on positive things that can make you feel better at the moment. Always try to see the things and events from another perspective. As a popular song says: We’re only humans after all…

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