Crazy speed boat ride, Cancun, Mexico

While in Mexico my boyfriend and me booked a few interesting and adventurous tours. One of them was all day, 4 combo Jungle tour. The first stop of the 4 combo Jungle tour was the ride with the speed boat. The ride lasted about an hour. It was an amazing tour but also a bit of scary, especially for me. I am not big fun of speed. I like to have control of everything in my life.

Every boat had two seats, so it could handle only two people during the ride. In about the half way of the tour we all stopped to rest, swim and change of the drivers. I didn’t dare to drive it so my boyfriend did it for the rest of the tour.

In some points the waves were hitting the boat so hard that I thought it was going to break into little pieces. But none of that happened of course. Those boats were designed for that speed and all that noise was totally normal, but I didn’t know that. I have never been on a speed boat before, therefore the whole experience was a bit scary for me personally. Trust me I was screaming a lot during that ride.

The interesting thing was that even the person who was not at the wheel had the important role during the ride. Since we were riding in a group, one boat behind the other, led by the instructor, the passengers role was to signal for changes of direction and speed and to pass it on to the boats behind. It was explained to us before we boarded. I took my role very seriously despite the fear that I was facing during the ride. So, instead of concentrating on my fear, noise, turbulence and the waves, I was repeating constantly all the signals in my mind, so I don’t forget what each of them means. The signals were some hand movements, for example slow down, go faster, stop, turn around and help.

My boyfriend who loves speed was thrilled to drive that boat at 200 km/h. He really enjoyed the experience with all his heart. From the other side, for me the most joyful moments were when we stopped for swimming, when were going slowly through the Mangrove forest and the best moment ever was when we finally came back to dock the boat safe in one piece and we stepped out of that speed boat.

The only tip that I can give you regarding this ride is to somehow manage to be at the first boat behind the instructor. The reason for that is that the instructor is a very skilled speed boat rider, so if you are right behind him it is a lot easier to follow his moves exactly. In this case you will not have so much turbulence. I understood that because we were right behind the instructor boat for the first half of the ride. After the pause another riders took our place, during the departure. We were third in the line of the boats this time. Since we had ahead of us a few inexperienced riders, they were making so much waves for us behind. They simply didn’t know how to handle the boat wheel and the waves properly during the ride. The turbulence was so strong that in some points I thought that it was going to throw us out of that boat, or that our boat is going to break, really.

I was so upset with my boyfriend that he wasn’t so fast during the departure, so we lost our leading position. But it was all funny and exciting for him, and he laughed so much all the time. My whole reaction to the entire experience was the funniest thing for him.

So, as you can understand due the fear, speed and my very serious role of signaling I wasn’t able to take photos during the ride. I did take a few short videos with our small GoPro camera. Unfortunately they were quite shaking, probably because I was shaking too. Therefore I found this advertisement on YouTube regarding the speed boat tour in Cancun, so you can take a small glimpse of the entire experience. The only difference with our tour was that we didn’t do any snorkeling because of the weather conditions. It was quite windy and waves were huge that day.

Regardless of the fear I felt during that ride I still believe that is worth to try out. Especially if you had never done it before. I wouldn’t suggest to the people with back problems, because of the turbulence. One is sure if you ever decide to go on this ride, your adrenaline is going to explode.

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