How to manage staff through changes

For the last 10 years I worked as a manager in the hospitality industry. During my career I was constantly dealing with changes.

IJmeer, Amsterdam

Most of them had to do with new development implementations such as new software, new working procedures, new tasks, new environment, new colleagues, renovations, etc.

IJmeer, Amsterdam

I constantly had to train and motivate new team members and guide myself along with old team members through different kinds of changes.

IJmeer, Amsterdam

Most of the managers are getting nervous when it comes to changes. Especially when you have to deal with deadlines and delivering these changes to the team members as soon as possible.

IJmeer, Amsterdam

There is no need to worry about it. You have to understand that even though the changes might have some negative effect on employees, this negative effect is just temporary and short-term. As human beings we were all carved to adapt to changes in general.

Cancun, Mexico

Some people are managing through changes very fast and others needs some additional time end effort. In general, there is a solution for every problem. According to Benjamin Franklin, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

Cancun, Mexico

It is not shameful to admit to your team members that you are also having difficult time with adjusting to changes. The important thing is to explain to them that this is just a phase and that very soon you will all get used to it and enjoy the benefits of the changes.

New York, USA

We live in the time of development and technological expansion. Therefore we all have to get along with development in business environment, but also in our lives in general.

Mġarr harbor, Malta

It is important to maintain the positive attitude, and convince your staff to be happy for the changes. The most important thing managers have to do is to motivate the team members to see the change as opportunity to grow and to learn some new skills.

Il Ramla, Malta

Of course issues might arise, but it is a leader’s job to balance the situation and to guide the staff through the changes smoothly. Just lead by example and do it with a smile and with positive attitude.

Il Ramla, Malta

A good planning is a key to success. A little time spend on a good planning can save you a lot of time later.

Valletta, Malta

Please don’t forget that faster is better. As long as you delay the implementation it is going to be more difficult.

Valletta, Malta

Employees, might have a lot of questions, ideas, feelings, and emotions during the change implementation.

Keramoti, Greece

It is very important that you as a leader have the strength to openly and actively listen to these concerns, validate them, and address them as clearly and frankly as possible.

Fiscardo, Greece

Stay motivated and positive during the changes implementation and give the best example to your employees to follow.

Fiscardo, Greece

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Fiscardo, Greece

Stay positive. I wish you a smooth sale through the changes implementation.

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