Why should you start a blog

Through this blog I am constantly shearing my thoughts about my own pleasant and unpleasant experiences and lessons I learned regarding human behaviors, that made me who I am today. I also share my travel experiences in the Beautiful destinations category where I write about places I have visited.

Miami Beach, Florida

I started this blog in April 2017 after attending a publisher Jerry Roberts’ boot camp for writers. He personally advised me during our one on one conversations to start writing down my thoughts and ideas for at least 5 minutes per day and to be sure that I never brake this chain. He also gave me a blueprint and a great strategy to follow.

Fun Forest, Amsterdam

Here I am today, a few years after that writers boot camp with a great amount of content and thousands of followers. This blog absolutely changed my life. My blogging gave me a chance to travel a lot, to be involved with public speaking and educational consulting. I organize master minds and workshops. Currently, since I am not able to travel and attend conferences due to COVID-19, I work on my new ”Team management” course for leaders and my new book. If you haven’t stated your blog yet, now is the best time, since we are all practically in home isolation. My blogging and involvement in public speaking later on helped me to get in touch with the best and most successful people, JT Foxx is one of them. In general I do my best to better myself every day. The list of my achievements for the last few years can go on and on. So, if you haven’t start your blog yet, don’t wait any longer, do it right away. One is sure, blogging will open new horizons for you.

Anaheim, California

Looking at myself today I can’t stop thinking about where I would be today if I haven’t started my blog at all, but also how far would I be if I had started 5 years ago or even 10 years ago. So, trust me, there is no reason for waiting. Just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. When I look at my first blog posts today they are far from good. But I had learned a lot through my journey and I am still learning and improving myself constantly.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

While you share your positiveness with others it grows even bigger, trust me on that. The nature of joy is in sharing with others. And as my fiend Frank McKinney, an International Bestselling Author like to say: When you are in an emotional state of joy, there is no other emotion to interfere with it. Writing down your feelings and thoughts is a way of expression among many other ways, it could really help you to get rid of accumulated emotions of any kind.

New York, USA

I met an interesting lady a few weeks ago, her name is Caroline H. She suffered from a chronic pain for years. Her chronic pain evolved so far that she wasn’t even able to sit down. When she finally decided to face her problem and begin to write down her thoughts and feelings regarding her pain, the symptoms of her chronic pain began to decrease. Today she is totally healthy and fine. She published her book where she wrote down all about her journey through the pain suffering with ton of tips and strategies on how to deal with the chronic pain thanks to her own experience. Today she is traveling around the Europe, she speaks at conferences in order to help others. She even got endorsed by the Public Health Minister of her country, and she is not a doctor. She simply turned her problem into a message and she created something that is useful and helpful for others. Isn’t that amazing story?

Thasos, Greece

You can also turn your own mess into a message and do something meaningful by helping others to deal with the similar struggles you went through. My writing helped me to overcome most of my biases and fears. It helped me to achieve my ambitions to become self confident and strong woman. It helped me to meet and understand the real me and to discover new values in life. There is no reason to postpone. Make a decision and start with implementing immediately. I believe that each one of us have something valuable to share and to inspire others. Good luck!

Turn your mess into a message and create something that is useful and helpful for others

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