Zip-lining adventure, Mexico

First of all I need to let you know that I am not traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am staying home like the most of the people nowadays. The traveling articles I am publishing these days are about my travels before the corona virus outbreak. So, I want to assure you that I am not in Mexico right now. This blog post was written a few months ago, I just now happen to find the time to edit, proofread and post it. If you happen to follow my blog you probably know that I already had one zip lining experience which I described in one of my previous posts. First time i did zip lining during my visit to Dominican Republic a few years ago. So, I already had the reference to compare the second experience in Mexico.

To be honest, the zip lining in Dominican Republic was way better than this one in Mexico. I will explain the reasons right now. First of all, the safety measures were better in Dominican Republic. They had double line for extra safety. The platforms were stable, bigger and safer. They had more lines and they were longer. The park itself was more organized and tidy.

The fact that zip lining experience in Dominican Republic was better, doesn’t mean that I did not enjoy my zip lining experience in Mexico. I really did. But it was kind of shorter. Plus I was very concerned regarding my safety all the time. The platforms were kind of small and rocky. So all those issues were preventing me to completely let myself carefree and to enjoy it completely. Especially in comparison to the high standards I had experienced in Dominican Republic.

But after visiting the Fun Forest in Amsterdam later on, for tree climbing and zip lining, my opinion regarding Mexico experience immediately jumped on the higher level. Because in Amsterdam they don’t have park employees at the platforms at all. Platforms are even smaller. You need to do everything by yourself, so it is way more scary and dangerous than in Mexico.

In Mexico there are about one or two park employees at every platform. Their job is to catch you, cheer you up, to strap you up on the next line and to send you away. So, for someone that is zip lining for the first time it is very important to have them around. I must note that the staff members were really amazing and cool, even though most of them didn’t speak English at all.

The leather gloves that they will provide you for protection are very smelly. You need to wash your hands many times after to remove that unpleasant smell out of your hands. We had the same issue in Dominican Republic on our first zip lining as well. So it would be wise to take a pair of simple rubber glows with you and to wear them under the smelly leather glows. Or at least bring your hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands after.

The lines might not look so high on the photos but they are actually very high. At some points you will pass very closely to trees branches so you really have to be careful with your arms and your head. As you can see on the photos I provided they were taking photos only on one spot. Therefore I don’t have photos from the other lines. But they were similar to this one. Some was a bit longer and some was a bit higher. The most beautiful line for me was the one where we zip lined over the water.

When you are about to approach the platforms it is wise to be in a seating position with your legs straight up to prevent hitting the wooden platform with your knees and hurting yourself.

When you pull the rope that is holding you on the line downward it is going to slow you down. Don’t pull the rope down all the time, it might stop your sliding through the line completely and you might find yourself stopped and hanging in the middle of the line between two platforms. If this happens to you, you have to turn your back to the next platform and pull yourself backward until you reach the platform. There is no reason for panic. As soon as you reach the platform the park employee will catch you and pull you up. Or, you can just hang there in the middle of the line and wait for one of the employees to come and save you. They will do that by pushing you slowly to the next platform.

Before you even get on the platforms, employees will give you a small instructions training and they will explain to you all you need to know. You really need to pay the attention to everything they are saying. The next step is to try zip lining on the small line that is very close to the ground. In general, the first lines are not so fast and scary. As you move forward every next line is a bit longer, a bit faster and a bit higher. On my first zip line experience I was extremely scared in the beginning. I can honestly say that I begin to enjoy the experience after the third line. But I am dealing with acrophobia in general as long as I live. So for me personally the entire process was more challenging than for somebody who is not so much scared of the edge and height.

Despite my fear, the zip lining through the air was amazing. To suppress the fear I was singing out loud one well known song: ”I believe I can fly…” while sliding through that lines. Like Mr. Chow did in the movie ”The Hangover 3”. And believe me, I was not the only one who did that. You could actually hear people singing that song all the way through the jungle.

As you keep moving with the lines, you will overcome your fear and start to really enjoy the zip lining experience. As soon as you start to enjoy, you will reach the last line. At the end you will wish that you can do it all over again. But if you are there with the organized tour, it is not going to happen.

Because the entire group has to move on with the next experience, to enjoy the meal and to get back to their hotels before the dark. So, there isn’t enough time for the second round. Therefore, do your best to overcome the fear as fast as you can. This kind of experiences are unforgettable, and definitely not something that you can do often. Good luck with your own first zip lining experience!

I would also like to add that while in Mexico our base was in Cancun at amazing Royal Caribbean hotel. On the website the hotel name is listed as Emporio Cancun Hotel, but whatever name you put in the search engine you will end up at the very same hotel. You are welcome to check the links to see the photos, reviews, price and availability for your desired dates. I would appreciate very much if you book your accommodation through my affiliate links, on your next journey when this huge challenge with COVID-19 pandemic is over. This pandemic is not going to last forever, let’s hope that soon our life will come back to normal again. Until then stay home and stay safe.

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