How to regrow vegetables from leftovers

When you buy vegetables from the supermarket they are not dead, they are still full of life. Therefore you can regrow most of them from the leftovers. Here is one example on how I grew Bok choy from the leftover part. I just placed the bottom part it in a bowl with a bit water. I put the bowl in a sunny place next to the window. And here you can see the results just after one week. The plant began to develop new leaves.

When the plant also develop new roots, you can plant it in your garden or in a pot. Here is the one that I already planted in my garden. As you can see from just one Bok choy bottom, that people usually throw in the garbage, I will have about 4 new plants to harvest soon.

I also did the same with the celery and it is growing fine in my garden now. After a few weeks I will have fresh celery again.

From the supermarket tomatoes I kept a few seeds, I sow them in a plastic cups and look at them now. They grew so much already and they look gorgeous. In May when they become bigger and stronger I will plant them in the garden. I am so happy that we can eat our own tomatoes this summer.

Did you know that mosquitoes hate the smell of tomatoes foliage? So one more advantage of planting tomatoes on your balcony or next to your seating area is to scare annoying mosquitoes away, so you can enjoy your evenings outside. The compound IBI 246 which is obtained from tomato plants, acts as a repellent to many insects, plus it is non toxic. Therefore mosquitoes dislikes tomato plants, due to its repellent nature.

You can also regrow leek, onion, garlic, lettuce, celery and many other types of vegetables. It is really fun to give life back to the vegetables leftovers, that we usually throw in the garbage bin. When they regrow you can use them again. It is so amazing how nature works in mysterious ways. They teach us a lot of things at schools, they load us with so many useless information but they unfortunately don’t teach us about useful things like that. So, if you have kids it will be an interesting and nice activity that you can do together. Here is one more example of what you can do with an old onion.

Carefully peel the onion around the germs. Separate the germs if there are few of them. Do not remove the old roots from the germs.

You can eat the part of onion around the germs, just put the germs in the water for few days, until they develop new roots. Then plant them in the garden or in a pot. In this way you can multiply your plant leftovers and end it up with 4 to 5 new fresh onions after a few weeks.

Through this blog post I would like to encourage you to grow and regrow vegetables or flowers from cuttings yourself. It will give you a lot of joy to watch something that you planted grow. “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. If you are going to put plants in the ground today, you must believe that there will be many tomorrows for that effort to pay off. I send you a lot of love from the Netherlands and I wish you a lot of health, happiness and joy and successful gardening of course.

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