Corona isolation is perfect time for gardening

When this COVID-19 pandemic began we felt quite scared and anxious. It affected us enormously regarding our life and our productivity. During the first weeks of lockdown and isolation we did almost nothing, but watching the braking news and counting how many people died around the world.

But we couldn’t change or affect anything that was going on, except of literally staying home all the time and order all our groceries online.

During the next couple of weeks I noticed that we were ordering stuff online much more than usual. So, at some point I decided that spending money online was not a very wise hobby. In order to stop searching for things online and massively ordering I decided to get involved with something more creative and I dragged my boyfriend into it as well.

The weather outside was amazingly great so in the first place I decided to get out in the garden and away from my computer for a change. So, I got involved with gardening.

I cleaned the front and the back yards first. Afterwords, I prepared 3 raised beds in the backyard. Then I planted some seeds in plastic cups. When the plants I sowed germinated I planted them in the ready raised beds. Now I am taking care of them and watching them grow every day. It gives me really a great joy.

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. If you are going to put plants in the ground today, you must believe that there will be many tomorrows for that effort to pay off. The gardening thing overwhelmed me with an enormous optimistic vibe. Taking care of my plants and watching them grow filled my soul with happiness.

It also gave me energy and will to do more things. Afterwords I did a few experiments of regrowing vegetables from their leftovers and it was very successful. If you want to learn more about how to do that, check one of my previous article ”How to regrow vegetables from leftovers”.

The positive thing was that I became more productive and ideas for new projects were constantly coming like waves. Beside of that I also discovered a lot of edible greens in my backyard that people usually consider as weed, but they are actually very beneficial and healthy to consume. If you want to learn more about it, please check the following articles that I published on my blog: Healthy benefits of dandelion flowers, greens and roots with recipes and Benefits of young stinging nettle leaves.

Along with the gardening we started some more creative DIY projects. I will describe some of the things we made ourselves during the corona isolation in my following articles.

The best of all is that we got up from the chair and started to create beautiful things instead of sitting in front of the computer and reading or watching the news constantly. I encourage you to do the same. It will definitely make you feel better. Stay home, stay safe and healthy. Thank you for following Embrace yourself embrace the world blog.

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