Why you should never order seeds from Wish

Since this corona crisis started as I mentioned in one of my previous articles in order to keep my mind and body busy I got involved with gardening full time. I had to do something productive, after losing my job and being stranded at home for months.

It really helped me to keep my emotions on positive level. If you have any space to plant things I would heartily recommend it to everyone to do the same. Sowing the seeds and watching them grow every day really gave me a great amount of pleasure and hope during the period of time when I was very anxious and sad.

But if you want to plant things you need the seeds of course. While I was avoiding to go out to buy them the only option to get the desirable seeds was online. This is how I ended up ordering some seeds from Wish because I couldn’t find them in the local sellers assortment.

Yesterday the seeds I ordered from Wish finally arrived. I was so happy when I found the six small envelopes in my mailbox. When I opened the envelops I was very surprised. I saw small transparent bags with some seeds inside, but unfortunately none of them was labeled. Each of the little bags had one bar-code, but after I scanned it, the result was product unknown.

So, I had the seeds but I had no idea what kind of seeds was that. If I only knew what kind of seeds was in the little transparent bags I could sow them directly to the ground or in my raised beds. It is the spring time in the Nederlands now, the perfect time for sowing the seedlings outside.

What I did with the unknown seeds is like a little experiment. I placed the small transparent bags with the unknown seeds in separate white envelopes. On each envelop I put the label number. For example: China 1, China 2, China 3, and so on. Then I filled small plastic pots with potting mix and I also label them in the same way: China 1, China 2, China 3, and so on. Afterwords I saw the seeds in appropriate pots with the same label.

Now I have to wait to see what is going to sprout from each pot. It is like the gambling game, you never know what you are going to get at the end.

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