I started a YouTube channel today

Dear friends and followers I just started a YouTube channel. My first healthy recipe is already published. I started with the bread because of my Slavic roots.

When my mother taught me how to set up the dinning table the rule number one was: first you put the bread and salt on the table before any other food. Slavic people still welcome their guests with bread and salt at celebrations. According to the Slavic hospitality, bread is the most respected food, and salt is associated with long friendship.

It’s a nice beginning of a long new journey. I am still learning how to use the editing software though and my own voice sounds so awkward to me. It is not perfect, a few times I paused due to perplexity, but I am proud of myself because I managed to finally finish my first video. I will probably get used to it with the time. Please like, share, subscribe and support me in this new journey.

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