Overcome your fears with cooking

Are you lonely and depressed? Are you bored and striving for some excitement? Are you shy? Do you have low self-esteem? Do you think that you cannot cook? Do you think that you are not creative? Do you think that you have to starve yourself in order to look good? Do you wish to grow your network and meet interesting people? Are you looking for the best and efficient team building interaction? Then you are at the right place. If you want to learn how to deal with one or all the issues listed above, then press the follow button and follow my blog, for the beginning.

Key West, Florida USA

Get in touch with me to book your seat at one of my upcoming group therapy cooking workshops as soon as we get through this terrible corona crisis. The cooking and creative way of life helped me enormously to deal with my PTSD and some other health issues in the past.

Muffins with fruits, photo from my upcoming book

Therefore I decided to share my journey with the world in order to help others. Since we are currently dealing with travel restrictions and necessarily social distancing, due the COVID-19, we can still come together online. It is not the same as a live event, but is better than nothing. I am currently figuring out how to organise my workshops online. As soon is all set up I will make the announcement.

Miami Beach, Florida USA

I don’t know everything, nobody does. Therefore I am constantly learning and doing my best to become a better and wiser person every day. People constantly learn as long as they live. If you say you know everything you are automatically closing the door to new knowledge. Through my blog posts and my workshops I share my life and food philosophy and my knowledge about the healthy benefits of home cooked meals (with emphasis on Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisine) and healthy eating in general.

Pork tenderloin, photo from my upcoming book

In my opinion if you are a home cook you don’t really need a recipe in order to cook simple, tasty and healthy meals. Only in a case you are opting for a Chef career you need to be strict with recipes, procedures, techniques and measurements. There are also people who cannot cook without recipe and guidance. If they don’t have the recipe they feel stressed.

Party tips, photo from my upcoming book

In what ever category you belong as a home cook you really need to get rid of any stress in your life and in your own kitchen. Let yourself free to play with your food and experimenting with ingredients and combinations.

Deconstructed lasagna, photo from my upcoming book

I usually love to travel all around the world, attending interesting conferences, constantly learning new things, and teaching others at the same time. It all had to pause due to the pandemic. When we finally win the battle with COVID-19 and our lives come back to normal again, I will continue to do what I do the best and this is my live cooking therapy events all around the world in order to spread my positive vibes and my knowledge regarding the healthy way of life as much as I can.

Trakai, Lithuania

Till then, I am working on my daily short lessons on my Eat Healthy Facebook page, where I was not very much active in the past, since I was traveling and working hard all the time. I am currently working on my upcoming book daily. This is the reason I am not posting here as often as before. Please follow my Instagram page since I post photos there almost every day.

New York, USA

Get in touch with me through my e mail: cooking.therapy.with.tania@gmail.com or DM me and follow on Facebook at: eat healthy @cooking.therapy.with.tania.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, even though I had traveled very often for the last few years, as you can see through my travel blog posts in Beautiful destinations category.

Kaunas, Lithuania

If you have a nice venue and you are interested to host my cooking therapy workshops in the future I would be thrilled to cooperate with you. I usually work as a team leadership advisor for corporations, but I also work with small private groups who are striving for mindful and healthy way of living and cooking. If you wish to learn more about my cooking therapy workshops then check some of the following blog posts: What I teach on my cooking workshops, How to eat like Greeks do, What is family style meal? .

Valletta, Malta

The Would you cook with me? is the project I am working on for the last two years and is still evolving. If you wish to participate, share your interesting story or promote your restaurant, bakery or any kind of interesting recipes, concepts of any cooking or baking related business you are welcome to become a sponsor of my project. All sponsors’ stories and names will be incorporated in my upcoming book ”Cooking with friends” and upcoming video series on my new Cooking Therapy with Tania YouTube channel.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

I will now make a small summary to inform all my followers on what I did for the last 11 months since I was not posting as often as usual. My November, 2019 destination was Anaheim, Southern California. There I had a pleasure to attend an outstanding business conference organized by my new friend and coach JT Foxx and his amazing team. On the spare time, when I wasn’t at the conference, I organized and held several interesting cooking workshops in the beautiful garden of a home I was renting during my stay. One is sure, we had a lot of fun and the weather in California was amazing.

Mega success conference, Anaheim, California

Of course I visited Disneyland in Anaheim two times during my stay and I did as many rides as I could. I made a lot of new friendships with some amazing, successful and interesting people from all over the world. At the Mega Success conference I learned many useful tips on how to successfully build and grow any kind of business and a lot about public speaking and customer engaging techniques.

Disneyland, Anaheim, California

Besides of the incredible JT Foxx, Mega Success conference I was also invited to the colorful DesignerCon, an annual art and design convention that took a place at the Anaheim Convention Center. There I held a workshop ”How to organize the best themed party ever”. I made my connections with so many incredible and talented artists and designers. It was an amazing experience and it is a conference worth visiting.

DesignerCon, Anaheim, California

In December, 2019 I moved from sunny California to the snow covered Lithuania together with my boyfriend this time. It was an amazing life adventure and I will write about it as soon as I get some free time. In Lithuania I learned many new, very tasty and healthy Lithuanian dishes, quite simple to deliver.

Vilnius, Lithuania

I will probably add some of these recipes into my cooking workshops menu and in my upcoming book ”Sprinkle the Christmas magic”. My upcoming book is an ultimate culinary and creative guide for magical Christmas. It is going to be published in November 2020. Inside you can find everything you need to know to create the most magical homemade Christmas.

Photo from my upcoming book ”Sprinkle the Christmas magic”

More than 100 ideas for appetizers, main and side dishes, delicious desserts, holiday beverages, pets treats, DIY gifts and home decorations. Plus two additional chapters with tips and tricks for holiday parties and Christmas traditions all around the world.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Somewhere around the Brexit date (end of January 2020) I visited Brussels, the capital city of Belgium in order to attend an interesting business conference as a speaker. Brussels is also the capital of Europe and home of the European Parliament.

Brussels, Belgium

In February 2020 I attended for the second time Jerry Roberts’ boot-camp for writers and the annual JT Foxx Mega Speaker event in Amsterdam. By the end of February I had two more successful cooking therapy workshops with 20 participants each. In general there is a lot of material for a lot of new interesting blog posts to share in the future. I just needed some time to adjust to this unusually calm way of living in isolation. But to be honest I really enjoy to spend this valuable time together with my boyfriend at home 24/7. It is actually nice to let yourself to be a bit lazy and do almost nothing for a while.

My garden May 2020

I also got involved with gardening a lot since I am not working or traveling due to the pandemic. I shared a few facts on how I started gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic in some of my previous articles, but I will probably write some more about this topic since I am learning new interesting things worth sharing every day.

My garden June 2020

Looking forward to meet you in person at one of my next destinations, when we finally get through this huge COVID-19 challenge. If you’d like me to visit your country/city and speak at your event, DM me your email address and I will get in touch with you. This corona crisis is not going to last forever, let’s hope that very soon we will win this battle. Until then stay home and stay safe! I hope that you are all OK and healthy. Thank you for following Embrace yourself, embrace the world, even though I am not posting new articles very often. Stay tuned I’m sending you a lot of love from the rainy Amsterdam.

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