Corona-proof party idea

In this short post I will share one useful idea from my upcoming book, use this idea for your upcoming holidays, Corona-proof gatherings. First of all assign where everyone of your guests is going to sit in advance.

Paint the foot of each wine glass with black chalkboard paint, when the paint is dry, write each guest name over the black paint with a white or silver marker. Let each guest take their personalized wine glass home in order to remember your amazing party every time they drink from that glass, if you want. You can always keep the wine glasses and just remove the written names with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover.

After dinner when everyone gets up to dance there will be no confusion whoes wine glass is at the bar of on the table. There will be no mixed wine glasses at your Corona-proof Christmas party. Order my upcoming culinary and creative guide for magical Christmas to learn how to do this and many more holiday party tips, tricks and recipes.

In my book you can find everything you need to know in order to create the most magical homemade Christmas. More than 100 ideas for appetizers, main and side creative, characterful and flavour-packed dishes, amazing desserts, holiday beverages, pet treats, DIY gifts and home decorating ideas. Plus two additional chapters with tips and tricks for holiday parties and Christmas traditions all around the world.

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