High Line, New York

The High Line park is built on a disused, southern viaduct section of the New York Central Railroad line known as the West Side Line.  Because of declining usage, the railway viaduct was effectively abandoned in 1980. Re-purposing the railway into an urban park began in 2006, the first segment was opened in 2009, second in 2011, and... Continue Reading →

My new passion

Hello everybody. A lot of people asked me why I'm not posting so often as before. Well I have a small confession to make. No, I have not lost my passion for writing yet, but I did discover one new passion besides the others. Michael  I became a doll maker.  I have been involved with art... Continue Reading →

Don’t break the chain

There are so many things I am planning to create but I am not taking any actions actually. Probably because on some level, I’m still fighting the fear that nobody will care about my art in the end, and it won’t make any difference or impact on the world. I am sure that many artists... Continue Reading →

Symbolism of the closed doors

As lot of you already know and it is obvious from my posts, that I really love to travel. Besides traveling I also enjoying very much to capture photos of beautiful destinations I am visiting. Something you probably don't know about me is that I very often tend to add symbolism in my everyday life... Continue Reading →

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