Wacken Open Air 2018

I am big W:O:A fan, for so many years. In this blog post I'm not going to describe the details regarding this festival and its history. If you wish to learn more you can check my older blog post about Wacken that contains all the interesting and historic details. My boyfriend and me are going... Continue Reading →

Respect, and walk…

I was listening music this morning and one of the songs from my playlist inspired me to write this article. It is a song about respect. It is a powerful song that I like very much so I decided to share it with you. The name of song is ''Walk'', by heavy metal band Pantera from... Continue Reading →

Bob Katsionis Exclusive interview

Since my very first interview with Cpt. D.T. Ververelis  was so successful, and had more views than any of my articles I decided to continue with this category and concept. My intention through these interviews is to motivate others. As my mom always said everything is possible if you really want it and if you believe in... Continue Reading →

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