I started a YouTube channel today

Dear friends and followers I just started a YouTube channel. My first healthy recipe is already published. I started with the bread because of my Slavic roots. When my mother taught me how to set up the dinning table the rule number one was: first you put the bread and salt on the table before... Continue Reading →

Benefits of young stinging nettle leaves

Benefits of young stinging nettle leaves are countless. If you are looking for a source of Vitamin C during this COVID-19 isolation you can easily find it in your back garden, especially now during the spring time. Stinging nettle’s leaves and root provide a wide variety of nutrients, including: Vitamins: Vitamins A, C and K, as... Continue Reading →

What are amuse bouche?

Amuse bouche is French expression that it literary means, entertainment for the mouth. In other words the entertainment for the senses with a small bite-sized appetizers. Amuse bouche are tiny party foods that are meant to entertain the crowd before the main meal on a special occasion. Sometimes they call them Hors d’Oeuvres as well.... Continue Reading →

How to eat like Greeks do

Many of you have been in Greece, and many of you had a glimpse of the Greek cuisine and eating habits during your vacations in Greece or by visiting a local Greek tavern in your town. Thassos, Greece Well the most important message to all of you through this post is that the real Greek... Continue Reading →

What is family style meal?

Family style eating is actually having frequent meals with the same individual(s). It could apply to spouses or a parent and child who regularly sit down for a nice, well-balanced meal at home. But they could apply equally well to unmarried couples or close friends who do the same. My boyfriend and me eat our dinner together every... Continue Reading →

Pierogies tasting in Poland

Regarding our recent visit to Krakow, Poland, I would like to mention few things about the food we ate there. I am talking about the famous Polish dish ''Pierogi'' (dumplings) in this blog post. Sorry all my dear Polish friends, but I didn't liked them at all. On our first day we visited Polish national... Continue Reading →

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