Significance of trying new things

Trying new experiences in life can be significantly helpful for expanding your mind and learning new things. When you try to do something that you never did before you are automatically stepping into the unknown and you are going out of your comfort zone. Stepping into the unknown will actually help you to overcome your... Continue Reading →

De Kruls of Amsterdam

De Krul means, public urinal in Dutch language. This kind of public urinals exist in Amsterdam since 1880. Their design is still more or less the same today as it was back then. Some of them are designed for one person only and some can be used by two, or three people at the same time.... Continue Reading →

Gaasperplas lake – Amsterdam Southeast

Gaasperplas is artificial recreational lake. It is very easy to reach by metro 53 (direction Gaasperplas) from Amsterdam central station. The journey takes  approximately 25 minutes. This unique place is the oasis of nature between the buildings of Amsterdam Southeast and the river Gaasp and occupies an area of 166 hectares.The Gaasperplas mainly serves as a recreational... Continue Reading →

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