Stress is harmful

There is an expression: When octopus is stressed it eats itself. This is actually true. Octopuses can sometimes suffer from autophagy, or self-cannibalism. That is what is described as "eating its own arms." This is caused by stress. A stressed animal is not a healthy animal and is open to infection. Drama, Greece When octopus... Continue Reading →

How I lost my son, after divorce

I am a very proud person in general, because I'm raised by a very proud and strong single mother, so I didn't possibly¬†knew any other way than this. When my ex left the house after 19 years of marriage I didn't get any economical support. I had a 16 years old boy, 5 dogs and... Continue Reading →

Symbolism of the closed doors

As lot of you already know and it is obvious from my posts, that I really love to travel. Besides traveling I also enjoying very much to capture photos of beautiful destinations I am visiting. Something you probably don't know about me is that I very often tend to add symbolism in my everyday life... Continue Reading →

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