Great changes begin from within

I decided to write this small article inspired by a great Greek philosopher's Plutarch quote. Plutarch was one of the most influential ancient Greek philosophers. He believed that our thoughts manifest themselves through our actions and that they are able to impact our lives and the world around us. The quote says: “What we achieve inwardly, will... Continue Reading →

Why we often get stuck in our pain

We often get stuck in our pain simply because we are stubborn. In general people find difficult to forget, forgive and to let it go. Either you pain is emotional or physical it activates similar brain regions. The pain itself is a physical and an emotional experience at the same time. Olive trees, Lefkada island,... Continue Reading →

How I lost my son, after divorce

I am a very proud person in general, because I'm raised by a very proud and strong single mother, so I didn't possibly knew any other way than this. When my ex left the house after 19 years of marriage I didn't get any economical support. I had a 16 years old boy, 5 dogs and... Continue Reading →

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