Weekend in London

With all this busy lifestyle of my, the brightest moments of my reality are my free weekends. Few weeks ago my boyfriend was in London for the entire week for business. He was busy there from Monday until Friday evening. Since I finally got one free weekend I decided to join him so we can be able to spend a weekend together in London.

Photo by me-,Tower bridge, London, England

Try to imagine me running all day to make sure I finish my job on time. I finished with work at 16:00 on Friday afternoon. Afterwords, I was running like a crazy from my workplace to the Amsterdam Central Station, to catch the first train to the Schiphol Airport, with a backpack on my shoulders. Finally I arrived at the airport. At the check in I found out that they are not able to assign the plane seat for me and that this is going to be done at the gate. I got anxious so I started to run again to pass the security control. Then I continued running to the gate. At the gate they said to me that the plane is overbooked. I told to the ground attendant that I was running like crazy to arrive first at the gate and therefore I should got my seat before others do. She said that she can not assign any seats until the plane that is coming from London has landed. I was so disappointed. Therefore I went to Murphy’s Irish Pub that is located near of the gate D16 to enjoy a glass of cold beer and to relax from the constant running.


Plane landed on time. She gave me the seat number after all. I got the last one, by the toilet, without window, even I came first at the gate. But what can I say, better than nothing. I was happy that I got one after all. Finally, very soon I arrived at the Gatwick airport. From there I took Gatwick Express to Victoria station.

Victoria station, London

The Victoria station is huge. It looks like a big shopping mall. There are all kinds of different shops there. If I was not in a hurry I could spend hours at this station shopping and looking around eating and drinking.  But I run again to the tub, I was afraid of the possibility to lose our hotel room, because of the late check in. Then I run again right to the hotel from the Aldgate tub station. This station was charming, it seemed very old. I am sorry I did not took any pictures.

Photo by me mural nearby Aldgate tub station

My whole day was actually full of running. It was a big relief for me when I finally met with my boyfriend in front of the hotel and we checked in to our room around 9 PM. He was in London the whole week for business. He stayed in the small hotel in the Holborn area. His hotel was chosen and paid by his company until Saturday,  but I did not want to stay there. He showed me the pictures and I didn’t like this place. So we chose another hotel for the weekend that we were going to spend together. I also didn’t want him to spend two more days in the same shabby room where he had spend his whole week.

Motel One London Tower Hill

For our weekend in London we booked Motel One Tower Hill. You can check the link on booking.com website to see the price and availability. Yes Motel One again. It is a safe choice for me. We have been so many times in this hotel chain in various European cities and we were always happy with our stay, so why not? The location was amazing. The hotel simply beautiful, very clean and shiny, just 2 minutes walking from the Aldgate tube station.

Motel One London Tower Hill

There is a bus station right in front of the hotel, where you can catch the buses number: 15, 42, 78, 100, N15, N551. With number 15 you can go to Trafalgar Square, and from there walk to Soho. At the Soho the bars and restaurants are open almost all night. It is a very crowded place. But I will tell you all about the Soho later.

Motel One London Tower Hill

After our check in, we relaxed in our room for a while. Room was nice and big, not with a best view since it looked back to the other rooms, but never mind, we were there just for a good night sleep, so this was perfect solution for us to get a room far from the street noise.

Motel One London Tower Hill

Unlike other Motel One hotels we have visited, here we had one big blanket on the bed instead of two small. The bed was huge and comfortable. In Motel One Tower Hill they also had a coffee kettle, with some coffee and tea in the room. I was very happy about the big bath tub in the bathroom. After such of busy day I just wanted to fill this bath tub with hot water and jump in. Anyway we decided not to, because we were kind of hungry.

Chamberlain, London hotel pub

We tried to order some food at the ChamberlainLondon hotel pub, just a cross a street from Motel One. Waitress informed us that they close the kitchen around 9 PM. So we just had one beer there for the beginning of the evening. The decor and the atmosphere were very pleasant. Later we ended up at the Bavarian Beer-house for some more beer and sausages. It is located opposite from Fenchurch Street rail station, and just 50 m from Tower Hill tube station. On Fridays and Saturdays it is open until 1AM. After dinner, we passed by Abbey bar for one more drink. Abbey bar was just few steps from our hotel. Nice atmosphere and very crowded under the purple lights. In general in the area around our hotel there were plenty of choices for food and drinks.

Motel One London Tower Hill

The famous Wilton’s Music Hall is also near by.

Wilton’s Music Hall

Amazing place just on the next corner from our hotel is the Three Lords restaurant, but it can get crowded on the weekends. If you would like to have dinner there you better book your table on time. Before we went to sleep both of us got one toast and beer at the Motel One lounge by the fireplace. This was the best choice for the end of our evening. It was not crowded, music was quiet and relaxing, incredible romantic atmosphere under the shiny chandeliers, and soft light from candles on the tables. Finally it was the time for me to really enjoy this big bath tub. The best ending for the great Friday evening with my love in London.

Motel One London Tower Hill

Next morning after we took breakfast in the hotel, we walked to the Tower bridge.

Photo by me London, Tower Hil

We did not visit the museums and the Tower of London, because we already did in our previous visit to London.

Photo by me London, Tower Hil

So we crossed the Tower Bridge.

Photo by me, London, Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge is one of London’s famous bridges and one of many must-see landmarks in London.

Photo by me, London, Tower Bridge

Next stop HMS Belfast, the most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship, to discover what life was like on board for the crew at war and at sea.

HMS Belfast, London

Since the launch in 1938 HMS Belfast has served in both key battles and peace-keeping duties across the world.

HMS Belfast

This place is really worth visiting.

HMS Belfast

Be prepared to stay there at least two hours if you want to see everything.

HMS Belfast

After climbing up and down at the HMS Belfast we got tired and hungry again.

HMS Belfast

Next stop was lunch at the The Horniman located in the Hay’s Galleria.

Hay’s Galleria, London

The place belongs to the Nicholson pubs company.

The Horniman, London

William Nicholson opened the first pub in 1873. Nicholson’s pubs have continued to offer warm and inviting hospitality, proudly delivering quality food and drink, to create the typical British pub atmosphere. You can find several of them in London. Whether you’re in search of pubs that offer the very best in British cask ales, or looking to enjoy brilliant pub food, the Nicholson’s collection of pubs are a perfect setting for every occasion.

The Horniman, London

The Horniman we choose is a great place for relaxation, huge, with amazing decor and the garden by the river side.

The Horniman, London

The weather was beautiful too, so we decided to have lunch outside by the river. Food was delicious and the service amazing. Regarding service, here is how it works there, you will get the menu from the waitress, if it is not already on the table. Then you have to go inside yourself, make an order, pay, tell them the number of the table you are sitting. Very soon you will receive your order. They will bring your drinks first, later on your meal.

Hay’s Galleria, London

I ordered mac & cheese, my boyfriend some chicken and beers. The view was amazing. The most of the guests were locals, this was a good sign. This restaurant was the best choice. We are glad we stopped by and we will certainly visit this place again on our next visit to London.

The Horniman, London

We continued walking toward Maltby Street Market.

Maltby Street

They serve some interesting Unicorn burgers there. The smell of different kind of food and barbecue was all over the place, music everywhere and a lot of happy and smiley people.

Maltby Street

This place is crowded and colorful. If you are in London I suggest you to visit it, I am sure you are going to love it. Really trendy place with lots of choice of different Street food to try. You need some cash in your pockets if you intend to come here.

Maltby Street

Afterwords we continued walking on the Bank side of Thames river on the Queen’s Walk toward Westminster Bridge.

Borough Market was not our choice this time, because our belly was full so we could not handle any more food. Queen’s Walk is pedestrian walkway, several miles long and passes some of London’s most popular tourist attractions.

On your way you will see a lot of bridges, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, squares and some of London’s most prestigious and world famous art galleries and theaters.

You will pass by few small sandy beaches next to Thames river that you can reach by the stairs from the Queen’s Walk.

Nice place for lunch, beer or coffee is the Old Thames inn pub next to the London bridge. The place looked so charming to me, with the nice balcony and garden above the Thames river. Since the day was sunny and warm unfortunately there was no empty table to sit outside, so we continued walking on the Queens Walk path.

Old Thames inn pub

Right next to the Old Thamess inn you can see the replica of the old boat Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind. Golden Hind was an English galleon best  known for her travels as pirates ship of the globe between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake. The real ship was demolished because the wood was rotten. Here you can see the replica of the ship named the Golden Hinde II. There were some actor-guides on the boat, really good at keeping children entertained. We stopped to take some pictures, those kids seemed to have really good time and fun.

Golden Hinde II

Next nice place I liked was The Anchor, next to Southwark bridge that is an interesting example of 19th-century architecture. At The Anchor was the same situation as the previous one, all tables were occupied inside, outside and on the balcony.

The Anchor

Our next stop was Tate Modern art gallery.

Tate Modern art gallery

Great experience, huge building with a lot of amazing modern artworks to admire. There are few really amazing art installations there, with some you can also interact, like some huge swings.

After spending few hours at the Tate Modern, we stopped for coffee and cappuccino cake at the charming place called Caffè Nero at OXO Tower after exploring OXO.

At the OXO you can find a lot of design, arts and crafts shops on the ground and first floors with two galleries, Bargehouse and gallery@oxo.


On the same path by Thames river there is a pub that is holding a Guinness world record for the biggest number of sold fish & chips dishes in one day, 12.406 dishes. This place was also full inside and outside, all tables were occupied.

Shakespeare’s Globe is on your way if you like to discover Shakespeare’s  impact on the world. Very interesting place to visit.

Shakespeare’s Globe

According to wikipedia the original theater was built in 1599, destroyed by fire in 1613, rebuilt in 1614, and then demolished in 1644. The modern Globe Theater reconstruction is an academic approximation based on available evidence of the 1599 and 1614 buildings. It is considered quite realistic, though contemporary safety requirements mean that it accommodates only 1400 spectators compared to the original theater’s 3000. Shakespeare’s Globe was founded by the actor and director Sam Wanamaker, built about 230 meters (750 ft) from the site of the original theater and opened to the public in 1997. Samuel Wanamaker an American actor and director who moved to the UK, after becoming fearful of being blacklisted in Hollywood due to his liberal sympathies. He is credited as the person most responsible for the modern recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. We did not go inside, I hope in our next visit to London we will have enough time to go and see some theater plays. Hamlet is playing from 25 of April until 26 August 2018. If you are lucky to be there you can go and enjoy the play. I wish I could go and hear the well known words: ,,My lord, we know what we are now, but not what we may become.” (Act IV, scene 5). The story of Hamlet says about the tragedy of Hamlet, prince of Denmark. Learning of his father’s death, Prince Hamlet comes home to find his uncle married to his mother and installed on the Danish throne. At night, the ghost of his father, the old king demands that Hamlet avenge his soul. If you haven’t read this Shakespeare’s great, didactic and sad story yet, I might give you an suggestion to do it.

We didn’t go for the ride on London eye, the line for the tickets was huge. I was already tired of walking. So we decided to visit London Dungeon instead of the London eye.

There you also have to wait but not so much, approximately 15 minutes until you are in. London Dungeon was a great experience, but kind of childish to me, my boyfriend was very excited about everything there though. It is a kind of experience that recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humor style. They uses a mixture of live actors, amazing costumes, special effects and rides. Actors interact with visitors and it can be very funny. You might be terrified in some points, but is worth visiting for sure.

After Dungeon we crossed the Westminster Bridge to another side of the river.

Walking trough this bridge I felt very uncomfortable and strange. My boyfriend was trying to capture some nice pictures of London eye by night from the middle of the bridge and I was almost ready to cry.

I just wanted to move and go away from that bridge. I felt anxious and uncomfortable, almost everyone seemed suspicious to me. The pictures from 22 March 2017 were coming in front of my eyes. For those who don’t know on 22 March 2017 a terrorist attack took place along the south side of Westminster Bridge. An Islamist assailant, 52-year-old K. M., drove a car smashing into pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge, injuring more than 50 people, five of them fatally. Then he crashed the car into the perimeter fence of the Palace grounds and ran into New Palace Yard. He fatally stabbed with a knife an unarmed police officer. In the end he was shot by armed police officers and died at the scene. This bridge is beautiful but it really gave me a goosebumps. I just wanted to go away from that bridge.

Few months later one more terror-attack took a place on London bridge, on 3 June 2017. Where a van left the road and run into pedestrians on the bridge again. After the van crashed, its three occupants ran to the nearby Borough market area and began stabbing people in and around restaurants and pubs. Eight people were killed and 48 were injured, that day including four unarmed police officers who attempted to stop the assailants. The three attackers were later shot dead by police.

It is something we should always be aware wherever we go nowadays. It can happen anytime and anywhere. We need to be careful. It is good to make different scenarios in your head and always have a plan what to do and how to act if we suddenly find ourselves in this kind of situations.

My boyfriend and me we are always careful when we visit any concert hall. First thing soon we enter the building is to observe the place and spot the emergency exits. Being conscious and ready can make you less panicky and when you are less panicky you are less anxious. Because if you are anxious all the time you can not be able to enjoy anything. Even those attacks are rare, we should always be conscious of danger that might appear. Especially in the crowded places.

I am not writing this to make you scared. You should never be scared, this is what the terrorist are trying to accomplish.

The London is the one of the most beautiful cities in the world for me, with a lot of beautiful people. As everywhere in the world there are also some bad people who are doing bad things. And yes, sometime I feel the sadness, I am annoyed and angry about everything that is happening around the Europe lately, but I am not afraid. I don’t want anybody to be afraid. We need to keep living.

But we also need to be conscious and careful, because the European capitals are not the most safe places on earth any more. I had the exact same feeling when I was in Brussels few weeks ago as I had at the Westminster Bridge that night. Anyhow we must keep on, we can not live like zombies. And as my friend Clair from Brussels wisely said to me: We can’t stop ourselves from doing things we enjoy because of the terrorist attacks. We have only one life and we have to live it.

After we finally left the Westminster Bridge we walked around the center. Our destination was Soho for some dinner and late night drinks.

We passed by the Big Ben, that is under construction work at the time, Parliament and later on by the Nelson’s Column that really dominates on Trafalgar Square, named for one of Britain’s greatest naval battles and Admiral Nelson.

Nelson’s Column is a really lovely monument to a great British hero, but the statue is really high so you can’t actually see the Nelson very well, except if you have an binoculars with you. The column is cornered with four huge lion statues.

With a short walk from there is the National Gallery on one side of the Square, St. Martins-in-the-Fields & Admiralty Arch leading to Pall Mall and Buckingham Palace.

The Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street are also nearby as well as the West End and Soho.

Now regarding Soho, there is one street there which is very popular as a London gay community district. I am not gay, but some of you might be and you might like to know where it is, or you might want to avoid it, therefore I would like to give you the information.

It is centered at the Old Compton Street in Soho, between Queen’s theater and Palace theater. Actually it is a road that runs east–west through Soho in the West End of London. With the most famous Admiral Duncan’s Gay pub.

London China town is also located at the West End. Geographically, Chinatown is bound by Shaftesbury Avenue to the north, Rupert Street to the west, Charing Cross Road to the east and Leicester Square to the south.

Actually London’s Chinatown is close to key attractions such as Leicester Square, Theatreland and Soho. Everything is in walking distance.

The Soho area has been popular for restaurants since the 19th century, including the long-standing Kettner’s which was visited by numerous celebrities. We have never visited the Kettner’s place but we have passed by many times. It doesn’t look attractive to me from the outside, but it is a very famous place. Soho is a fashionable district and it has been one of the main entertainment districts in the capital since the 19th century. It was always a kind of bohemian part of London. You should go and explore it yourself.

If you like street art you might decide to explore the area to find 7 hidden noses sculptures on the walls of Soho buildings. They were created by artist Rick Buckley in 1997. Initially, about 35 were attached to different buildings in London, but only 10 of them had survived. The artist was inspired and provoked by the controversial introduction of CCTV cameras throughout London and he decided to install some noses sculptures in front of the cameras noses. Regarding cameras I have never seen so many like in London, they are everywhere.


You can search for seven noses of Soho, at; Admiralty Arch, Bateman Street, Dean Street, Meard Street, Endell Street, Great Windmill Street and D’Arbly Street. You might find some ears on the walls too.

Later we went for dinner at the Jamie’s Italian restaurant that belongs to the famous chef Jamie Oliver. To be able to eat there, first you have to book a table. If you come 10 to 15 minutes before the time you booked, they are not going to take you to your table, even if there are plenty of empty and ready tables around. They will ask you to sit at the bar and have a drink or two until your table is ready. This was very ridiculous. The bar area is small and you are not able to sit there actually. So we decided to go across a street and have drink at the Zedel bar until the time of our reservation comes.

Now I am very sorry that we didn’t stay at Zedel for dinner, because the place is really amazing. They brought us a plate with a small cheese pies along with the beer we ordered. They have very charming brasserie inside. According to Architecture Today Magazine, the interior of Brasserie Zédel is probably the best and most authentic series of 1930s interiors in England.

By looking the place from outside you can’t realize that it would be that bright, huge and beautiful inside. Soon you enter into a basement, you will get a feeling like your going back in time to the 1930’s era. The brasserie has a beautiful art-deco interior. The place is huge, ceilings are very high. Service is excellent, prices reasonable, they also have a door-man who welcomes you at the door. When you head through the café and go down the staircase and you will see from floor to ceiling a lot of vintage French theater posters, before you suddenly find yourself in the underground foyer with possibly the biggest chandelier you have ever seen above your head. One is sure, I will visit this place again while in London and I suggest you to do the same. There you can also book your seat for the cabaret shows and music performances during the whole year. Check their website to find out about their open mic nights. If you like to sing then you can also show your talents there.

At the Jamie’s Italian, food was bland, nothing special, portions very small. Shabby decor, no atmosphere, no music, service poor and slow.  During our dinner we watched a big table for 6 not getting cleaned and picked up after the guests left for more than an hour even they had plenty of staff. We will never visit this restaurant again for sure, this was the first and the last time.

We are planing to visit one of the Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants next time in London. Some of our friends visited and they were very happy with food but also with service and atmosphere there.

We went for one more drink at the Jewel bar, and we returned to our hotel so tired. It was a grate day full of laugh, happiness and amazing experiences.

Next day we decided to explore the area around our hotel. After breakfast we checked out. We left our luggage in the hotel.

It was Sunday morning so we visited some of the famous street Markets in the area.

First we went to the Old Spitalfields Market. We bought some nice T-shirts there.

Of course I could not resist to buy some beautiful handmade woolen hats. We had some coffee there and we continue exploring towards Petticoat Lane Market at the Brick Lane area.

After exploring the Brick Lane and Backyard Market, where you can also find some amazing vintage shops, we ate some yummy sausages from the Polish man stall, then we walked to Dinerama market.

It is kind of hipster farmer’s market. Very nice place, I wish we could stay longer there. But we had to continue.

Our next stop Leadenhall Market. Historical, Victorian indoor marketplace with apparel & accessory stores, plus restaurants & bars. Smaller than expected but really beautiful. This market was one of the filming locations of Harry Potter movie. It was used as part of Diagon Alley in the movie.

With strolling around the markets time passed by so fast it was almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so we had to run to our hotel to pick up our suitcases.

This is something I really like regarding Motel One hotels. They always ask you at the check out if you would like to leave your luggage there. Of course we did, otherwise we couldn’t go to explore all this markets with our suitcases.

But not before one last stop at the Minories pub for some beers.

The pub is one of my favorite pubs in London.

It is named after the street running to the north, the Minories nestles right underneath Tower Gateway tube.

It could count as a station pub and it’s almost underground,  built into the arches beneath the Fenchurch Street viaduct.

This pub is huge and they have two outdoor seating areas. The one in the back is really big and nice.

There are a lot of beer choices there. Pub has the character and I am sure you will love it as I do. But don’t go there for coffee, their coffee is not the best in town. If you decided to go there, choose some of the craft beers you will not regret I am sure.

You can also have lunch or dinner there or even the breakfast on Sunday morning.

The pub was about 500 meters from our hotel, so we had enough time to enjoy some more pints and snacks.

As I early mentioned our Hotel was located  next to the Aldgate tub station from there we took direct line to Heathrow Airport. We came just on time to catch our flight and to have a tasty dinner at the airport fast food restaurant Giraffe.

Dinner was tasty and attractive, service was great and fast.

In the evening we were at home in Amsterdam, little bit tired, but happy and full with new experiences. If you have never been in London I suggest you to do it at least one time in your life. I love everything about London: the history, famous sights, shopping, markets, night life and especially how distinctive and different neighborhoods can look and feel. There is something for everyone in London. Whatever you might like.

I love the way people dress in London. Especially in the evening London girls and boys are very nicely dressed. You can see London girls with high heels and shinny, tiny dresses, with naked legs and heeled sandals even it is freezing or raining outside. They don’t mind if it is cold, they always want to look pretty and fashionable. Most of ladies in general love to be dressed in kind of vintage and romantic style. Instead of winter jackets that ladies wear here in the Netherlands, English ladies prefer woolen coats or fur in various colors. They wear a lot of accessories like hats, scarfs, glows, jewelry, and a lot of glitter.

Source, Pinterst

We have been in London several times. Last time we went we took the open tour bus, so we passed by all the historic sights.

We also explored few parks.

I liked the Covent Garden Craft market. The building is amazing, and just outside of the market at the small square there are always some street performers doing interesting things. It is crowded and colorful area worth visiting.

We passed by Buckingham palace.

Took some pictures in front of the big monument.

If you decide to take the same open bus tour like we did, be careful it can be freezing, so make sure that you wear some warm clothes and that you have a hat, glows and raining coat with you all the time.

You can also choose closed bus, but we went for open because we like to take a lot of photos around.

One very nice neighborhood we explored in our previous visit was the Notting Hill.

There you can see the famous house with blue door from the lovely movie Notting Hill (with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant). This was a nice and romantic story about William Thacker (Hugh Grant) as a London bookstore owner whose humdrum existence is thrown into romantic turmoil when famous American actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) appears in his shop. A chance encounter over spilled orange juice leads to a kiss that blossoms into a full-blown affair. As the average guy and glamorous movie star draw closer and closer together, they struggle to reconcile their radically different lifestyles in the name of love. By the way nice movie to watch if you haven’t yet.

Notting Hill has a great shopping street  famous Portobello Road with a big street-food market and a lot of nice places with food and drinks.

People from the market stalls are very friendly, you can meet some amazing and interesting individuals there.

Houses and streets of Notting Hill are very colorful. If you love vintage clothing you will find your paradise there.

There are also a lot of stalls and shops at the antiques section for collectors and interior designers. And some very interesting local fashion designer boutiques.

As for the city center there is not enough words to describe the Oxford street shopping choices.

It is the must street to visit when you are in London.

Piccadilly circus with all the shiny lights is just amazing.

Great choice for restaurant near of the Piccadilly circus is Planet Hollywood London.

What to say about the Harrods. Last time we went was around the Christmas, it was all covered with shiny lights, the windows design was a piece of art.

I wish that I could do some shopping there, but unfortunately this was not an option for my wallet. If you are lucky enough to have this kind of money that is able to buy the luxury items from there, you can find all famous fashion and design brands worldwide in this shopping mall.

At least we did afford a nice dinner there last time we went. It was pricey, but absolutely worth for the money and tasty, service was excellent too. We bought some chocolates and sweets from Harrods and that is it.

The rest of the luxury items I saw there will remain just a dream for me. I was amazed to see how many people, are actually buying a lot of luxury stuff from there and going out with very, very big shopping bags. Most of them were Asian and Arabs. I experienced one funny moment where one of the cashiers was running trough the Harrods  looking for a young Arab girl with a pink scarf. A girl did some shopping there, she pick up her bags with luxury items, and she forgot to take her credit card from the casa. A cashier was tying to spot her to give her the golden card back. So, one is sure, there you can see a lot of spoiled rich kids, who are not having any respect for the money at all. But you can also see a lot of young boys and girls shopping there together with their 30 to 40 years older rich partners acting madly in love. Anyhow eider you are going to shop there or not it is interesting place to visit while in London.

I tried to give you a small taste of London trough this blog post and through pictures I captured, but one is sure the one-of-a-kind experience from this city can only come from travelling to the city, putting on some comfortable walking shoes, and going out to explore it.

You can visit the St Mary’s Hospital that first opened its doors to patients in 1851, the last of the great voluntary hospitals to be founded. The laboratory where Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin has been restored to its cramped condition of 1928 and incorporated into a museum about the discovery and his life and work.

The city is huge. I have been several times and it is never enough time to see and do everything I wish.

There is a great diversity among people who are living here.

Something that seemed very strange to me was the fact that a lot of moms had their toddlers on leash, like dogs. I don’t know if this was an English ladies, or they were tourists.

But I have never seen something like this in my life anywhere. Since I live in the Netherlands this was a kind of shock for me. Unlike the Dutch moms who are great at letting their kids be real kids and enjoy their freedom without an anxious, overprotective parent hovering nearby at all times.

In general people are nice and friendly in London and everyone has a story to tell here.

Take a look of this charming old gentleman. His name is Joseph Marinus, he performs his poetry to the audience on the streets of London. Today he was sitting in this corner on the Queen’s Walk just next to the Shakespeare mural.

He is selling his poems to the public that is passing by. You can see a lot of street poets here in London. I find this incredible especially nowadays. We live in the social media and internet era.

We usually google whatever we want to read or know. In this case you can actually got a piece of art as a poem, on the piece of paper, made for you personally by the poet, in your hands and you can hold it and carry with you in your wallet wherever you go.

There is so many things that I could write about London and so much more things to discover in this amazing and colorful city. But I have to stop here, because I just realized that my article reached more than 5800 words.

I hope that it was not boring and that you will find it interesting and worth reading.

By walking trough the London, and talking with different people you meet on the way, you will be able to learn a lot of interesting stories, while creating your own story and long-lasting memory from this beautiful city at the same time. I wish you a pleasant day, while I am looking forward for my next journey.


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