Espanola Way, Miami

Espanola Way is cute pedestrian street filled with restaurants and few bars. It is a great place in Miami, to have an outdoor meal any time of the day. My boyfriend and me visited this street on our last evening in Miami. The street was nicely illuminated and it has a lively and welcoming vibe.

We found Espanola Way almost by accident after strolling at Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue.

Actually, we suddenly stumbled into Espanola Way, and we were so happy about it.

We heard about this place before, but we didn’t know where it was exactly located. The restaurants at Espanola Way are an international mix of different cuisines, such as, Cuban, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, etc.

We choose an Italian one and the food was delicious, as well as the service. My favorite was the spaghetti dish served and prepared table-side in a huge wheel of Parmesan cheese. They were flavored with herbs, salt and pepper. It was truly a great experience. I was kind of ashamed to film the waiter during the service, therefore I am going to share with you a video that I found on YouTube, so you can see the way they serve this dish at Espanola Way. The only difference with our meal was a type of the cheese wheel.

Later on we enjoyed some beers at the Cigar bar, at the beginning of the street. There you can try different kinds of Cuban cigars and great diversity of drinks and snacks.

They even had our favorite Dominican beer ”Presidente”. And since we were already missing the Dominican Republic that we previously visited, of course we ordered this one.

There were live Italian and Spanish music pumping from the nearest restaurants, all the trees and balconies were lit up with Christmas lights, I can say that the atmosphere was vibrant and colorful and it felt very Mediterranean. Espanola Way is a definite must visit place while in Miami. It is a small street, but at the same time a beautiful destination to take a walk, or dine in the great ambiance.

It was entertaining for me to watch, beautiful and colorful people parade passing by, while dining and enjoying my drinks.

One thing is for sure, tropical paradise by day and urban playground by night, the city of Miami knows how to have a good time.

Stay tuned, to find out about the rest of our adventures.

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