My new passion

Hello everybody. A lot of people asked me why I’m not posting so often as before. Well I have a small confession to make. No, I have not lost my passion for writing yet, but I did discover one new passion besides the others.


I became a doll maker. 
 I have been involved with art and crafts for many years, but recently I get involved with doll making as well.

My new passion makes me very  happy. I really love doing what I do.  The time I spend away from doll making is usually used for masterminding the next doll project. This doll making passion is so contagious. 


I don’t know how and why I begin to make dolls. I just felt a 
strong inner impulse, almost like some kind of divine influence or calling.

Penélope -Poppy

I would really love to turn this passion into my profession one day, even though this is a challenging package.

Veronica – ginger girl

Each of my dolls has a different story, character and dimensions. 
For each doll I make new pattern. I find inspiration among the people and children I meet on the street.

Abigail, Heavy Metal girl 

Every day I’m dedicating my heart and my soul to doll-making process. Therefore I call them ”happy dolls”, because they were made with a lot of love, dedication and happiness.


In order to present my artistic ,,happy dolls” I made a new WordPress website  Happy dolls Amsterdam. 

In case somebody would like to buy my dolls, I must admit that all of them are slightly used. Because I’m the first one who play  with them, before I let them go.


This website is still fresh I just published few hours ago. Please check it out, support, follow on Facebook and share my  new site and page. 

Prince Sebastian

On this site I will present all of my dolls and share their stories. Thank you for taking time to read this post and thanks in advance for your support. I wish you happy holidays!!!

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