How to plant the seed of happiness

I have been thinking about the feelings lately a lot. During that process I realized that as much I’m thinking about my past experiences that was not so pleasant, I’m keeping them alive in my present life.

Valletta, Malta

My followers will say that I’m not consistent regarding the content of my previous posts. Because I was so good at blogging about my miserable past, writing it everything down, remembering, repeating it and so on. I was so good at keeping unwanted things active so I was sort of adding them constantly to my reality and my presence.

Valletta, Malta

Instead of keeping my vibration on positive level and instead of looking forward I was still kind of living in my past.

Valletta, Malta

I did suggested in some of my previous posts that is good to write down your feelings. It did help me in some way. Writing down your feelings and reading them loud is like talking to yourself. It was my step number one to get out of depressive mode. I’m not sure that this will work for everybody, but it worked for me at the time. It helped me to acknowledge that my life would be much better if I change my focus and my point of attraction.

Valletta, Malta

After that step of repeating in my mind everything that happen to me in the past and crying my tears out I was finally able to realize that this was actually very harmful for me. Only when I decided to focus all my energy on what I wanted in life instead of focusing on what I didn’t wanted I was able to see the positive changes in my every day life.

Gozo, Malta

From the time I started to focus on what I want, magical things started happening to me. In stead of struggling and trying so hard, I decided to start my every day feeling happy and grateful for what I have instead of being sad and miserable for things I don’t have.

Drama, Greece

Please try this technique and you will see the results really fast. Dream it, believe it, achieve it. As the old dictum says, hope dies last, because hope drives action.

Drama, Greece

Regardless of how many things you try and fail, hope is what lets you try again. Hope dies last, because the only way for hope to even possibly die is if there is nothing else left.

Drama, Greece

So don’t forget to feel happy and grateful for every second of your life. Keep your vibrations high. Smile more and the universe will smile back on you. As I said in some of my previous posts, what you give you receive.

Valletta, Malta

If you radiate positiveness and happiness you will get the positiveness and happiness. If you radiate sadness and grumpiness you will get exactly what you radiate.

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