Fontainebleau hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a stunning hotel, very fancy and stylish place and the most famous hotel in the area.

Hotel opened in 1954 and was designed by Morris Lapidus. It is arguably the most luxurious hotel in Miami Beach, and is thought to be the most significant building of Lapidus’s great career.

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is situated on oceanfront at the Collins Avenue. I am talking about a resort with more than 1500 rooms, that features 4 towers: Versailies Tower, Chateau Tower, Sorrento Tower and the highest one Tresor Tower.

In the hotel you can find more than 12 restaurants and bars and a lot of different kinds of shops.

The famous and iconic Fontainebleau, LIV night club is all about music, and of course, dancing till the morning in the rhythm of house, hip-hop and rock. With over 18,000 square feet of architecture at its boldest, the look, sound and high-profile guest list all fuse into the ultimate ultra-exclusive club experience. They say that LIV cranks out a custom playlist like no other club in Miami Beach, including live performances by artists who are reshaping today’s music and the most famous DJ’s.

Even though we intended to visit this club at least once during our stay, we didn’t after all. And the reason we didn’t was the dress code of the particular night club. If you wish to visit the LIV you have to  dress to impress. The ladies can not enter this club with out high heels. As for the men shorts, sneakers or athletic attire is not allowed.

So if you are about to visit the hottest club in Miami and you are man you need to have collared shirt, jeans and dress shoes, forget about sportswear like track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc. On busy nights they look for any reason to not let you in so it is good to be aware of the dress code.

If you are a lady you need to dress to impress. Tight dresses and the high heels are the must, shabby dresses are forbidden. Shiny and glitter accessories are the favorites there. Because the reason of your visit besides of the great vibes and the great music is to see and to be seen there.

Since we were on vacation, we only carried with us simple vacation sporty and comfortable outfits.

So it was not convenient for us to buy complete new outfit only to visit that club for one night. Therefore we decided to skip this experience.

Mixed drinks and shots at LIV are roughly $12 to $15 a piece, beers $10. Bottles start at $400.

General admission varies depending on the DJ and night, ranging from $30 to $80.

If you ever happen to visit Miami Beach and you wish to stay at the incredible place and to be surrounded by beautiful & happy people  Fontainebleau hotel is the best choice.

The hotel offers a lot of great facilities, like several swimming pools, spa, gym, many restaurants, bars and so on as I previously mentioned and as you can see on the photos.

Our stay at the hotel was a great experience. Employees from the check-in desk, to bell man, valet, waitresses, housekeeping all of them were incredible.

The pool staff is very attentive and helps set up your chairs, bring you towels, drinks and food quickly.

The chairs are complementary for the hotel guests, the towels as well. They might ask to show them your room key though.

If you want the big bed they will charge you extra, the price depends on the time of the day, for example in the morning they are more expensive than in the afternoon.

If you wish to use condos they are also charging them extra.

The beds and towels on the beach are complementary, but they charge the use of umbrellas 25 USD.

The staff is friendly, helpful and incredibly accommodating in general.

The breakfast at the hotel is extremely good, but if you pay your breakfast in advance I suggest you to use buffet, they will serve you coffee and fresh orange juice always as soon as you arrive.  As for the price of the breakfast you need to know that on the regular price for two breakfasts that is 68 USD the tax added is 6,12 USD and the service charge is 12,24 USD, so its 86,00 all together. Our breakfast was included but if you don’t have included breakfast it is good to know. I also asked for coffee to go and they prepared it for me, without extra charges. So I was enjoying my coffee by the pool. I did this every morning it was nice and quite in the pool area especially in the early morning hours. Therefore as you can notice on my photos there were not many people around the pools.

I captured them early in the morning when most of the people were sleeping.

At the breakfast staff will always offer you to choose your breakfast from the à la carte menu. If you choose this option, you will have to wait approx. 10-20 minutes for your order to be prepared and you will be additionally charged. We were always choosing the buffet as I previously mentioned, it was very rich and everything was fresh and tasty.

First 2 days during the convention, that was the reason we were there in the first place, we stayed at the main building that is called Chateau tower.

Our room was big and we had view towards the pool and ocean.

The bed was big and comfortable. They even had a TV in the bathroom, that was really odd.

Only thing I missed from the room was the coffee machine. As I have mentioned in many of my previous blog posts I am coffee lover, and I really like to start my day with coffee as soon as I get up from my bed. Later on when we came back and I checked some comments on TripAdvisor, some guests were writing that after their complain about the coffee machine they got one.

But since I spend a lot of years of my life working in the hotels I don’t like to complain in general while I am guest somewhere, mostly because I had dealt with guest complains for so many years and I know that this is not an easy job.

Our first intention was to stay at the Fontainebleau hotel during the convention and later on to move into some other less expensive hotel.

But this place was so awesome and we loved so much, that we possibly didn’t want to move in any other place. We decided to extend our stay for the rest of our vacations.

It was not possible to keep the same room though. They moved us in another building called Tresor Tower, that was the highest one.

The room we got was a more expensive than the previous, but it was worth the extra money.

If you wish to live the luxurious experience entirely and you are looking for a great room with the awesome view on the ocean and the beach you should book a suite in Tresor Tower, on the 20th floor or higher. We got the room on 22nd floor and it was truly amazing.

The view from the room was breathtaking.

We were able to see both sides, the ocean and pool side and the Biscayne Bay side as well.

The room was huge, it was actually one bedroom suite, with the separate living room, dining room, the kitchen and two bathrooms.

Our new room was around 100 square meters and there was a coffee maker on the bar, finally!

Next to the entrance there was a toilet and walk in shower. In the living room a nice bar with chairs, complete kitchen with sink, microwave, a cook top, dish washer and big refrigerator. In the kitchen we found all the utensils for cooking and serving meals.

In the living room there was a big sofa, some arm chairs, working desk with the iMac computer on the table, the dining table with 4 chairs. Behind one closet door we also found the washing and drying machine. We were able to wash all our dirty clothes that we brought from Dominican Republic with us. You can ask the housekeeping for washing powder tablet. They will charge you only 2 USD for it.

Next to the desk was a mini bar, and a lot of amenities that you have to pay for. Also a big TV. We did not touch anything from the mini bar, because we already had bought a lot of snacks and drinks at the supermarket that was in the vicinity of the hotel.

We enjoyed so much to cook our dinners ourselves and eat on the balcony with the view on the ocean and Biscayne Bay accompanied with some incredible California wine.

There is a Walgreen’s supermarket just over the bridge on the 41 St., very close, in walking distance from the hotel. There we bought most of the stuff we were eating and drinking.

It was very classy and beautifully designed space in general, the colors were nice and harmonious.

The bedroom was also very big with the king size bed, some side tables and lamps, big TV screen and drovers.

Next to the bedroom we had one big walk in closet.

Next to the walk in closet there was a huge bathroom with Jacuzzi, second walk in shower and a separate toilet.

But the best of all was the view.

From our balcony we had a view on the departure and the arrival area of the hotel.

Also at the swimming pools and the beach.

But the view at the Biscayne Bay was simply amazing.

In general the hotel had luxurious decoration.

We were also amazed with the photo collection which decorates the hallway connecting the Tresor and Sorrento towers to the main lobby. There were huge photos of Sinatra, Presley, Dean Martin, etc. covering those walls, because Fontainebleau was their favorite hotel in Miami.

In this hotel you can feel the historical connection as though you are walking through the fields of what dreams may bring.

Several movies were filmed here and also some popular television series. The most famous movie filmed here is definitely Goldfinger from the James Bond saga. Also the Police Academy No.5 and many others. Some scenes from one of my favorite movies with Whitney Huston ,,The bodyguard” were also filmed here.

Back in the late 1950s, the grand lobby of the Fontainebleau hotel had a famous staircase, ,,the staircase to nowhere”. It was famous because it only went up to a cloakroom on the second floor. The patrons would walk up (or take an elevator), doff their evening coats and hats, and walk down the staircase, making a grand entrance into the lobby, so all eyes could be on them while they walked down the staircase.The staircase is still there even today right next to the rounded golden wall, only the cloakroom is gone and the area beyond is made up of offices today. Here you can take a look how it was before at the time when Goldfinger was filmed there.

For us this was the third historical place we were visiting that was already visited by James Bond. The previous ones were the Hotel Palacio Estoril and the famous Casino Estoril,  in Portugal.

Here in the next video you can see how this incredible place looks now.

The inviting lobby whereas you feel like a star and the gorgeous gigantic chandeliers whereas you just can’t help yourself in loving the vibe around that rounded bar in the middle of the lobby right next to the main entrance. Very classy and shiny sitting area.The flooring with the bow tie pattern was also perfectly clean and shiny.

There is a great pastry shop called Chez Bon Bon in the hotel as well.

It is located on the lobby level of Chateau Tower, you will pass by on your way to the pools and breakfast. I was amazed with all these sweets and cakes there.

Each peace is a hand-made masterpiece, passionately and skillfully crafted using the finest ingredients and without preservatives.

If you have breakfast in your package you are also able to take your breakfast here at the Chez Bon Bon and in the restaurant Vida.

The price of breakfast in our package, that one is able to spend for breakfast without extra charges is around 47 USD.

It is historical and almost museum quality glam place, worth visiting while in Miami Beach.

Hotel gardens are incredibly beautiful.

One day we spotted one little squirrel there.

She wasn’t afraid of us at all. She was so busy eating something that she found under the palm tree.

As I previously mentioned guests have access to the beach. The one more important thing to know is that the staff is going to ask you for your room key very often, so it is wise to always carry your key with you even when you are just going to the rest room.

By the beach is the famous boardwalk of Miami Beach.

We walked on this path the second afternoon of our stay.

I have seen this path so many times in the different movies and documentaries.

We walked towards the South Beach.

On our way we saw a lot of other hotels, and their beautiful gardens.

There we realized that our hotel was the best of all.

Therefore we decided to extend our stay there.

Walking on the boardwalk we admired the famous Miami Beach with the famous lifeguard towers, all in different colors and shapes that are representing the optimistic futurism of Art Deco, the local comfort of Florida cracker style architecture, and the brightness of South Florida’s tropical fauna.

The towers are an expression of the identity and culture of Miami Beach. There are 36 lifeguard towers that are located from the tip of Miami Beach at South Point Park to 86th Street.

The towers are exponents of public space and in this case of the beach itself.

We really enjoyed our stay at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, it was a combination of history and luxury experience for us.

I wish I will have chance to visit this place again at least one more time in my life. For the end we also wanted to express our gratefulness toward our receptionist, she gave us OK for late check out at 15:00. We also got keys for the refresh lounge from her. Since our flight back was in the evening around 19:00, we enjoyed our last hours at the Miami at the beach after our checking out.

Around 5 o’clock we took a shower and refresh ourselves at the refresh lounge in the hotel before our departure. They also kept our suitcases in their luggage room next to the departure exit. Regarding the taxi service there are always plenty of the taxi drivers waiting by the departure exit. You just have to ask the valet to call you one. And within a second your car will be parked in front of you, wherever you need to go.

We will always cherish our incredible experience at the Fontainebleau hotel. They are real experts regarding hospitality and they treat all their guest as if they are VIP’s.

At the end you might say, yes but this place is way to expensive. Yes it is but if we managed to stay there, and we might be considered as people with an average income, than anybody could. This thought reminded me again of the famous Gucci slogan, that said ,,Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”. And they do provide an amazing quality of services and facilities at the  Fontainebleau hotel.

We made the booking through the If you liked this hotel and you wish to visit yourself please check the link with the hotel name Fontainebleau to see the prices, deals and the rest of the details.

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