Summer in Krakow, Poland

If you intend to visit Krakow in Poland, my first advice will be, check the weather forecast before you set off.

Generally speaking the weather in Krakow remains warm from May to September, and although blue skies and sunshine are the norm, they are frequently broken up by sudden rain showers and storms.

So make sure you got an extra pair of shoes, umbrella or even better a raincoat.

During our stay I have the impression that weather in Krakow really had the identity crises.

The temperature had variations from 17°C to 31°C. This was the main reason I catch the cold during my stay and I am still copping with it.

Best thing is to dress in layers, so you can change quickly, as the weather is changing.

So in general, weather in Poland is very unpredictable. But at least now I know the reason why everything is so beautifully green there.

Now I understand why the gardens of Krakow are so breathtaking.

The mornings and evenings can be quite chilly here even with a clear summer sky. So, it is wise to take a sweater or light jacket with you and the raincoat of course.

We stayed four days in Krakow and every day was raining at the some point.

Rain or shine one is sure, Krakow is absolutely beautiful city worth visiting.

I did not captured a lot of pictures of rain, for obvious reason, I wanted to protect my camera.

Few photos I published in this post I took it from the entrance hall of the restaurant where we tried the Pierogi for the first time.

If you are interested to find out more about our experience with Pierogi, please check my previous blog post.

Stay tuned to find out about the rest of our good and bad adventures in Poland.

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